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The NARIC Knowledgebase

The NARIC Knowledgebase contains more than 3,000 resources ranging from organizations and agencies to periodicals and Web resources. Each listing includes contact information, an abstract, and highlights of the products and services offered.

The upper portion of this search form allows the user to search all indexed fields in the database. The lower portion allows the user to search specific fields. You may also browse through the organizations or browse through periodicals.

We created the Knowledgebase in 1996 by combining the Directory of National Information Sources on Disability and the Guide to Disability and Rehabilitation Periodicals along with our collection of bookmarks and our "Vertical File" of handy resources. Learn more about the origins and field descriptions of the Knowledgebase.

Not sure where to start? Try our Ready Reference of carefully selected, topically-organized resources or one of the Librarian's Picks.

Should your organization, agency, or periodical be included in the NARIC Knowledgebase? Use our Information Request form to add your organization.

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