Grantee Information Management Tools

NARIC would like to have the latest information on your project and publications.  In this area you'll be able to see what we have listed under your project number, how to change your project records, and how to increase your document listings. Note: This section is for currently and previously funded grantees only. Prospective grantees, see About NIDILRR Funding and Other Grant Resources.

Check your project information.

Enter your base grant number only, without any year extensions.
Correct: H133A120001 or 90DP0018. Incorrect: H133A120001-13 or 90DP0018-2. You may enter your current grant number (beginning with 90) or your previous Dept. of Education grant number (beginning with H133). Either will return the current record for your review.

Find out how to add your project's documents to REHABDATA.