NIDILRR Program Database Detailed Record.

Project Type/Research Category: Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training Projects (ARRTs).

Funding Priority: Capacity Building for Rehabilitation Research and Training.
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Rehabilitation Sciences for Engineers and Basic Scientists: An Advanced Training Program.

This project has completed its research activities and is now closed.  Check REHABDATA for documents.

Northwestern University.
Feinberg School of Medicine
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
710 North Lake Shore Drive.
Chicago, IL 60611.

Principal Investigator: Steven A. Gard, PhD.
Public Contact Phone: 312/503-5700.
Fax: 312/503-5760.
Project Number: 90AR5031. About grant numbers.
Start Date: September 30, 2016.
Length: 60 months.
NIDILRR Officer: Radha Holavanahalli, PhD.
NIDILRR Funding: FY 16 $150,000; FY 17 $150,000; FY 18 $150,000; FY 19 $150,000; FY 20 $150,000; FY 21 $0 (No-cost extension through 9/29/2022); FY 22 $0 (No-cost extension through 12/31/2022).
Abstract: The goal of this advanced rehabilitation research training (ARRT) project is to increase the number of postdoctoral engineers/scientists trained to perform research aimed at solving problems of persons with disabilities. This project trains six to eight scientists/engineers in three areas of expertise: Neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal injuries, and prosthetics and orthotics. Targeted technical, scientific, and clinical training are conducted through intensive clinical and scientific instruction and experience provided by the primary, secondary, and/or clinical mentors with relevant clinical/scientific expertise. Postdoctoral trainees are recruited using regional/national advertising in publications, web-advertising, and email list-servers with a strong effort focused on recruiting minority scientists, engineers, and/or individuals with disabilities to participate in the ARRTs training program.
Descriptors: , Neuromuscular disorders, Orthotics, Prosthetics, Rehabilitation engineering, Research fellowships, Training.

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