NIDILRR Program Database Detailed Record.

Project Type/Research Category: Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRPs).

Funding Priority: Employment Outcomes.
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Workplace Accommodation Expert Support System (Work ACCESS).

Georgia Tech Research Corporation.
Centers for Inclusive Design Innovation (CIDI).
512 Means Street, Suite 300.
Atlanta, GA 30318.

Principal Investigator: Karen Milchus; Carolyn Phillips.
Public Contact Phone: 404/894-0393.
Fax: 404/894-9320.
Project Number: 90DPEM0001 (See also 90DPCP0006). About grant numbers.
Start Date: September 30, 2018.
Length: 60 months.
NIDILRR Officer: Timothy Beatty.
NIDILRR Funding: FY 18 $474,999; FY 19 $474,997; FY 20 $474,998; FY 21 $474,997; FY 22 $474,996.
Abstract: This project develops Work ACCESS, an online tool and mobile application to help employers assess the workplace accommodation needs of their employees with disabilities to improve the provision of accommodations that increase workplace performance and participation, while providing a user-friendly tool that employers and employees can use together to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Project objectives are to: (1) develop, with the help of crowd sourcing, an expert system that uses decision trees and information about personal, task, and environmental factors to determine potential solutions; (2) incorporate workplace accommodation best practices from published and new research, and from feedback from system users on accommodation effectiveness; (3) provide resource links to facilitate accommodation implementation; (4) optimize the website/app's content and usability; (5) evaluate how employers and employees utilize the system in the field; and (6) disseminate Work ACCESS through employment and disability employment networks. Project outcomes include employers and employees using the tool to explore accommodations that better fit their employees' needs, which that are also more cost-effective and likely to be used.
Descriptors: , Accommodation, Assistive technology, Employment, Mobile devices, Universal design.

Documents in REHABDATA:
Accommodation problems / solutions for reopening with COVID-19.

Accommodation problems and solutions associated with telework.

New crowd-sourced tools to inform workplace accommodation decisions.

Work ACCESS: The development of workplace accommodation decision trees.