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Project Type/Research Category: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), Phase I.

Funding Priority: Technology for Access and Function.
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Capti-Record: Improving Reading Fluency in Students with Reading Disabilities.

This project has completed its research activities and is now closed.  Check REHABDATA for documents.

Charmtech Labs, LLC.
77 Goodell Street, Suite 570c.
Buffalo, NY 14203.

Principal Investigator: Yevgen Borodin, PhD.
Public Contact Phone: 888/533-7884.
Fax: 631/323-5959.
Project Number: 90BISA0036. About grant numbers.
Start Date: September 1, 2020.
Length: 6 months.
NIDILRR Officer: Shelley Reeves.
NIDILRR Funding: FY 20 $100,000.
Abstract: The goal of this SBIR I project is to research, develop, and evaluate the feasibility of the Capti-Record assistive reading technology to help students with reading disabilities to improve their reading fluency. The Capti-Record enables students to listen to any text narrated by text to speech or by their teacher, providing a model for fluent reading. Students can record their own voice-over for that text individually or by roles. Students are able to listen to themselves read and follow along with a text highlighter. Project objectives include: (1) implementing an automatic audio-text alignment algorithm; (2) developing voice-over recording, storage, and playback functionality; (3) creating a user interface for recording/replaying of voice-overs; (4) creating a user interface for analytics; and (5) evaluating the Capti-Record in school settings. Anticipated project outcomes include the Capti-Record aligning audio to text as well as recording, storing, and playing back voice-over audio; the ability for students to record voice-over to any text; and the ability of teachers to access and review students’ voice-overs and analytical data to make targeted instructional decisions resulting in improved literacy for students with reading disabilities. This project is developed with assistance from Education Testing Service and Benetech/Bookshare, as well as consultants from Universities of Buffalo and Memphis.
Descriptors: Applications, reading fluency, Reading skills, Students with disabilities, Teachers, Text-to-speech.

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