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2023 annual disability infographic: Disability experiences of veterans ages 18-64.
Accession Number: O23110.

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2023 annual disability infographic: Experience of people with disabilities in rural America.
Accession Number: O23109.

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2023 Annual disability infographic: Social inequities experienced by African Americans.
Accession Number: O23111.

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Bridges to equity: A promising beginning.
Accession Number: O23115.

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Community participation for people aging with long-term disability.
Accession Number: O23116.

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Connections matter! 2023 calendar.
Accession Number: O23117.

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Disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand (DASH) outcome measure.
Accession Number: O23135.

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HCBS quality matters newsletter, Winter 2023.
Accession Number: O23146.

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Hearing disabilities in the workplace and the Americans with disabilities act.
Accession Number: O23147.

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Our voices: The importance of direct support professionals and potential impact of the provider rate study.
Accession Number: O23155.

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Sexual health resource toolkit for parents and caregivers of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Accession Number: O23166.

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Scholarships for students with intellectual disabilities.
Author(s): Bates, Shelby; Weir, Cate.
Accession Number: O23165.

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Trends in subminimum wage employment from 2013 to 2022, part 1: Number of 14(c) certificates.
Author(s): Butterworth, John; Edelstein, Jeffrey.
Accession Number: O23138.

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Trends in subminimum wage employment from 2013 to 2022, part 2: Number of 14(c) workers.
Author(s): Butterworth, John; Edelstein, Jeffrey.
Accession Number: O23139.

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Using universal design for learning for inclusive apprenticeships.
Author(s): DiBiase, Mary; Hoff, David.
Accession Number: O23175.

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Adults aging with long-term physical disabilities.
Author(s): Heeb, Rachel; Hamlin, Emily; Eyler, Amy; Putnam, Michelle; Stark, Susan; Morgan, Kerri.
Accession Number: O23113.

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How do CILs and VR agencies work together? CIL-VR agency collaborations for out-of-school youth with disabilities from minority backgrounds.
Author(s): Honeycutt, Todd; Martin, Frank.
Accession Number: O23148.

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Annual report on people with disabilities in America: 2023.
Author(s): Houtenville, A.; Bach, S.; Paul, S..
Accession Number: O23114.

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Excess deaths of Medicaid home and community-based services recipients during COVID-19.
Author(s): Kaye, H. Stephen; Caldwell, Joseph.
Accession Number: O23141.

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Suggestions for involving students in selecting and implementing accommodations.
Author(s): Lazarus, Sheryl S.; Fleming, Kascinda; Ressa, Virginia A.; Ghere, Gail.
Accession Number: O23178.

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