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A Study on the Students’ Perception towards Post-High School Specialized Program.
Author(s): Park, Heechan; Ko, Kyong-Eun.
Accession Number: I246964.

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Analysis on Support Programs for University Students with Disabilities: Focusing on Literatures and Actual Practices.
Author(s): Seo, Hyojeong; Park, Yoon-Jung.
Accession Number: I246993.

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Neurorehabilitation treatment and quality of life in patients with ischaemic ictus.
Author(s): Dania del Carmen Fernández Gutiérrez; Haymee Rodriguez Lara; Isis Pedroso Morales; Janet Seoane Piedra; Orisel Bolaños Abrahante; Tania Bravo Acosta.
Accession Number: I247153.

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Recognition of parents of disabled adult using vocational rehabilitation facilities for lifelong education.
Author(s): Kim, Chang-Ho; Kwon, Sun-Jin.
Accession Number: I244625.

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A Study on the Efficacy of the Structuring of Support on Professional Training for Young People with Intellectual Disabilities.
Author(s): Elías Vived Conte; Luis Carlos Delgado-Pastor.
Accession Number: I245177.

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Analysis on Research Trend and Components of Work-based Learning Experience Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults with Disabilities.
Author(s): Lee Sukhyang; Suh Minkyung; Yang YI.
Accession Number: I242906.

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A Literature Review of Intervention Studies to Improve Transition Outcomes of Students with Learning Disabilities in Korea and U.S.A.
Author(s): Park, Youn Jung; Seo, Hyojeong.
Accession Number: I241954.

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The Relation Analysis of Adaptive Behavior and Support Needs of Students with Intellectual Disabilities: A Mixed Method Study.
Author(s): Park, Yung-Keun; Lee, Han Eol.
Accession Number: I242330.

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Study on the Development and Effectiveness of Working Memory and Activation of the Frontal Lobes Program : focus on ADHD students.
Author(s): Rhee Kunmin; Kim Soyoung; Kwon Sangnam.
Accession Number: I242205.

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[Competitive employment in schizophrenia: Clinical and neuropsychological correlates and quality of life].
Author(s): Castagna F; Birindelli N; Graffino M; Giugiario M.
Accession Number: I178821.

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Cognitive functioning in at-risk mental states for psychosis and 2-year clinical outcome.
Author(s): Cattapan-Ludewig K; Gradel M; Gruber K; Simon AE.
Accession Number: I174198.

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Matching work capacities and demands at job placement in employees with disabilities.
Author(s): Zoer I; de Graaf L; Hoozemans MJ; Prinzie P; Kuijer PP.
Accession Number: I206086.

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Keeping it in the family? People with learning disabilities and families employing their own care and support workers: Findings from a scoping review of the literature.
Author(s): Moriarty J; Manthorpe J; Cornes M.
Accession Number: I174639.

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Validation of a risk factor-based intervention strategy model using data from the readiness for return to work cohort study.
Author(s): Hogg-Johnson S; Franche RL; Steenstra IA; Ibrahim SA.
Accession Number: I129348.

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Alexithymia, human relationships, and mobile phone use.
Author(s): Luutonen S; Mattila AK; Ylinen M; Salokangas RKR.
Accession Number: I133475.

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Supported employment in Scotland: some issues from research and implications for development.
Author(s): Hunter S.
Accession Number: I99344.

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Adults with self-reported learning disabilities in Slovenia: findings from the international adult literacy survey on the incidence and correlates of learning disabilities in Slovenia.
Author(s): Ortar-Krizaj M; Kavkler M; Magajna L.
Accession Number: I23477.

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Assessing the loneliness of workers with learning disabilities.
Author(s): Katz S.
Accession Number: I17530.

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Enhancing self-determination in job matching in supported employment for people with learning disabilities: An intervention study.
Author(s): Kilsby MS; Beyer S.
Accession Number: I17527.

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The effective use of virtual environments in the education and rehabilitation of students with intellectual disabilities.
Author(s): Standen PJ; Cromby JJ; Brown DJ.
Accession Number: I18242.

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