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Developmental functioning outcomes in infants with cystic fibrosis: A 24- to 36-month follow-up study.
Author(s): Tekerlek, Haluk; Yardımcı-Lokmanoğlu, Bilge N.; Inal-Ince, Deniz; Özçelik, Uğur; Mutlu, Akmer.
Accession Number: J89561.

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Development and validation of the AdT-physio scale: A tool to assess adherence and perception of physical therapist intervention in patients with cystic fibrosis.
Author(s): del Corral, Tamara; La Touche, Roy; Cebrià i Iranzo, Maria À.; Olmos, Ricardo; Blanco-Royano, Fernando; López-de-Uralde-Villanueva, Ibai.
Accession Number: J85080.

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Impact of myalgic encephalomyelitis on treatment of comorbidities: A lived experience.
Author(s): Lopez-Majano, Denise.
Accession Number: J84302.

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Evaluation of spina bifida transitional care practices in the Unites States.
Author(s): Kelly, Maryellen S.; Thibadeau, Judy; Struwe, Sara; Ramen, Lisa; Ouyang, Lijing; Routh, Jonathan.
Accession Number: J78540.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation in individuals with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: A systematic review.
Author(s): Lee, Annemarie L.; Hill, Catherine J.; McDonald, Christine F.; Holland, Anne E..
Accession Number: J75834.

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Physical activity measurement accuracy in individuals with chronic lung disease: A systematic review with meta-analysis of method comparison studies.
Author(s): Dhillon, Satvir S.; Sima, Carmen A.; Kirkham, Ashley R.; Syed, Nafeez; Camp, Pat G..
Accession Number: J72695.

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Psychosocial adaptation and adherence among adults with CF: A delicate balance.
Author(s): Findler, Liora; Shalev, Keren; Brak, Asher.
Accession Number: J67973.

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Occupational therapy practitioners' knowledge and perceptions of childhood asthma and cystic fibrosis.
Author(s): Lorenzo, Rachel F.; Metz, Alexia E..
Accession Number: J66991.

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"No time to play": Perceptions toward physical activity in youth with cyctic fibrosis.
Author(s): Moola, Fiona J.; Faulkner, Guy E. J.; Schneiderman, Jane E..
Accession Number: J63293.

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Lung transplant: Information and recommendations for rehabilitation counselors.
Author(s): Williams, Lindsey W.; Burker, Eileen J.; Kazukauskas, Kelly; Neuringer, Isabel.
Accession Number: J64008.

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Maximizing quality of life in adults with cystic fibrosis: The critical role of certified rehabilitation counselors.
Author(s): Williams, Lindsey W.; Kazukauskas, Kelly A.; Burker, Eileen J..
Accession Number: J64106.

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Employment experiences among adolescents and young adults with cystic fibrosis.
Author(s): Demars, Nathan; Uluer, Ahmet; Sawicki, Gregory S..
Accession Number: J61547.

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Cystic fibrosis and achieving vocational success: he key role of the rehabilitation counselor.
Author(s): Williams, Lindsey W.; Burker, Eileen J.; Kazukauskas, Kelly.
Accession Number: J62797.

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Health inequity in children and youth with chronic health conditions.
Author(s): Berry, Jay G.; Bloom, Sheila; Foley, Susan; Palfrey, Judith S..
Accession Number: J63068.

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Use of the peak heart rate reached during six-minute walk test to predict individualized training intensity in patients with cystic fibrosis: Validity and reliability.
Author(s): Gruet, Mathieu; Brisswalter, Jeanick; Mely, Laurent; Vallier, Jean-Marc.
Accession Number: J58632.

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Genetic disorders sourcebook, fourth edition.
Author(s): Judd, Sandra J. (Ed.).
Accession Number: R09023.

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Exercise programs for children with cystic fibrosis: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Author(s): Van Doorn, Nancy.
Accession Number: J58533.

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The use of complementary and alternative medicine in children with chronic medical conditions.
Author(s): Samdup, Dawa Z.; Smith, Ronald G.; Song, Soon Il.
Accession Number: J51655.

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Vocational attainment of adults with CF: Success in the face of adversity.
Author(s): Burker, Eileen J.; Sedway, Jan; Carone, Stacia; Trombley, Christy; Yeatts, Beth P..
Accession Number: J49165.

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Genetic disorders sourcebook, third edition.
Author(s): Bellenir, Karen (Ed.).
Accession Number: R08515.

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