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What Measures Help with the Professional Integration of Migrated Doctors in Rehabilitation Clinics? Lessons Learned from a Feasibility Study.
Author(s): Eva Jansen; Patricia Häne.
Accession Number: I248363.

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Exploring the Experiences and Support Needs of College Students with Visual Impairments during COVID-19: Focusing on K University in Seoul.
Author(s): Kang, Youngmo; Kim, Jeng Hyun; Kim, Minseo; Son, Seung Hyun.
Accession Number: I248513.

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The Present Situation of Peer Support Arrangements for Students with Severe Disabilities in the United States.
Author(s): Hiroki YONEDA; Megumi NISHIKAWA.
Accession Number: I247963.

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The associations among recovery levels, differences in the utilization of health/welfare services, occupational situations, emotional support, and self―stigma in individuals with schizophrenia.
Author(s): Takahiro Okamoto.
Accession Number: I247910.

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Quality of Social Competence of Students with Mild Intellectual Disability in School Environment.
Author(s): Andrijana Bakoč; Svetlana KALJAČA.
Accession Number: I246131.

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Analysis on Support Programs for University Students with Disabilities: Focusing on Literatures and Actual Practices.
Author(s): Seo, Hyojeong; Park, Yoon-Jung.
Accession Number: I246993.

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Current Status and Perspectives to Utilize the Peer Support System for University Students with Disabilities to Maximize their Academic Adjustments.
Author(s): Park, Youn-Jung; Seo, Hyo-Jeong.
Accession Number: I246412.

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Factors Influencing the Quality of Life for the Elderly with Disabilities in the Aging Society.
Author(s): M. A. Kim; H. J. Park; C. K. Suh.
Accession Number: I244127.

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Author(s): Marta Liesa Orús; Cecilia Latorre Cosculluela; Sandra Vázquez Toledo.
Accession Number: I244661.

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Reform of National Rehabilitation Center for Supporting People with Spinal Cord Injury to Transition into the Community.
Author(s): Jo, Han-jin.
Accession Number: I242326.

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The Effects of Positive Behavior Support upon Class Relative Behavior of Children with Cerebral Palsy.
Author(s): Young-Han Kim; Soon-Woo Kwon; Jung-Min Park; Young Seo; Jin-Ok Lee; Eun-Jung Ha.
Accession Number: I242943.

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Differences of Psychosocial Vulnerability Factors between Internet and Smartphone Addiction Groups Consisting of Children and Adolescents in a Small to Medium-Sized City.
Author(s): Young-Soon Jun; Tae-ho Kim; Yong-Tae Shin; Seongwoo Jo.
Accession Number: I246532.

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The Effects and Development of a Hospital Based Community Reintegration Support Program for Patients with Spinal Cord Injury.
Author(s): B. S. Lee; D. A. Kim; E. J. Kim; H. K. Kim; S. Y. Yu; Y. S. Kim; M. S. Bang; S. H. Ho.
Accession Number: I242335.

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A Effect of Peer Mentor Program on Recovery after Stroke.
Author(s): Lee, Chang Dae; Park, Ji Huk.
Accession Number: I246619.

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A Comparative Analysis on Research Trends Related to Family Support - With Journals Related to Special Education, Families, Welfare(Family, Disability) -.
Author(s): Lee, Jung Yoon; Kim, Sung Ae; Huh, Mi Young.
Accession Number: I246311.

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Possibilities of Peer Tutoring for Students with Visual Impairment in Technical and Higher Education.
Author(s): Woquiton Lima FERNANDES; Carolina Severino Lopes da COSTA.
Accession Number: I244803.

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The Effect of ADHD Symptoms on Peer Relational Skills in Elementary School Students: Mediating Role of Parental Caring and Teacher Support.
Author(s): Yeon Joo Song.
Accession Number: I244774.

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Effects of Career Stress to the Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy of College Students with Disabilities - Focused on the Moderating Effects of Social Supports.
Author(s): Jeong Weoncheol; Kim Jinyoung.
Accession Number: I242385.

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The effects of group art therapy using auditory stimulus on the self-expression and peer relationship of children with hearing impairment.
Author(s): JUNG, Jae-Won.
Accession Number: I245574.

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Parents’ Perceptions and Support Needs towards Hospital Schools and Online Education Programs for Students with Health Impairments.
Author(s): Kim, Jung-Yeon; Park, Eun-Hye; Kim, Yu-Ri.
Accession Number: I244564.

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