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Determining the clinical utility of the short child occupational profile (SCOPE).
Author(s): Bowyer, Patricia; Lee, Jenica; Kramer, Jessica; Taylor, Renee R.; Kielhofner, Gary.
Accession Number: J71299.

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Practitioners' use of interpersonal modes within the therapeutic relationship: Results from a nationwide study.
Author(s): Taylor, Renee R.; Lee, Sun W.; Kielhofner, Gary.
Accession Number: J60466.

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In memoriam -- "Achieving the ordinary things": A tribute to Gary Kielhofner.
Author(s): Braveman, Brent; Fisher, Gail; Suarex-Balcazar, Yolanda.
Accession Number: J60451.

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The occupational self assessment: Stability and the ability to detect change over time.
Author(s): Kielhofner, Gary; Dobria, Lidia; Forsyth, Kirsty; Kramer, Jessica.
Accession Number: J57966.

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Validity evidence for the child occupational self assessment.
Author(s): Kramer, Jessica M.; Kielhofner, Gary; Smith Jr., Everett V..
Accession Number: J59071.

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Falls self-efficacy among adults with multiple sclerosis: A phenomenological study.
Author(s): Peterson, Elizabeth W.; Kielhofner, Gary; Tham, Kerstin; von Koch, Lena.
Accession Number: J59902.

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Rating scale use by children with disabilities on a self-report of everyday activities.
Author(s): Kramer, Jessica M.; Smith Jr., Everett V.; Kielhofner, Gary.
Accession Number: J57841.

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Examining rater behavior on a revised version of the short child occupational profile (SCOPE).
Author(s): Kramer, Jessica; Bowyer, Patricia; Kielhofner, Gary; O'Brien, Jane; Maziero-Barbosa, Vanessa.
Accession Number: J57102.

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Therapeutic use of self: A nationwide survey of practitioners' attitudes and experiences.
Author(s): Taylor, Renee R.; Lee, Sun W.; Kielhofner, Gary; Ketkar, Manali.
Accession Number: J56618.

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Special issue: "International and cross-cultural applications of the model of human occupation".
Author(s): Kielhofner, Gary (Ed.).
Accession Number: R08934.

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A controlled study of services to enhance productive participation among people with HIV/AIDS.
Author(s): Kielhofner, Gary; Braveman, Brent; Fogg, Louis; Levin, Mara.
Accession Number: J54495.

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Theory use in practice: A national survey of therapists who use the model of human occupation.
Author(s): Lee, Sun W.; Taylor, Renee; Kielhofner, Gary; Fisher, Gail.
Accession Number: J54501.

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Impairments and perceived competence in persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Author(s): Anandan, Navaraj; Braveman, Brent; Kielhofner, Gary; Forsyth, Kirsty.
Accession Number: J51889.

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Interdisciplinary staff perceptions of an occupational therapy return to work program for people living with AIDS.
Author(s): Bowyer, Patricia; Kielhofner, Gary; Braveman, Brent.
Accession Number: J51892.

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Special issue: HIV/AIDS and employment: The continuing challenge.
Author(s): Braveman, Brent; Kielhofner, Gary (Eds.).
Accession Number: R08836.

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HIV/AIDS and employment: The continuing challenge.
Author(s): Braveman, Brent; Kielhofner, Gary.
Accession Number: J51884.

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Occupational identity, occupational competence and occupational setting (environment): Influences on return to work in men living with HIV/AIDS.
Author(s): Braveman, Brent; Kielhofner, Gary; Albrecht, Gary; Helfrich, Christine.
Accession Number: J51890.

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HIV/AIDS and return to work: A literature review one-decade post-introduction of combination therapy (HAART).
Author(s): Braveman, Brent; Levin, Mara; Kielhofner, Gary; Finlayson, Marcia.
Accession Number: J51893.

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Psychometric properties of the worker role interview.
Author(s): Forsyth, Kirsty; Braveman, Brent; Kielhofner, Gary; Ekbladh, Elin; Haglund, Lena; Fenger, Kristjana; Keller, Jessica.
Accession Number: J51895.

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Psychometric properties of the Worker Role Interview.
Author(s): Kielhofner G; Forsyth K; Braveman B; Ekbladh E.
Accession Number: I65910.

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