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Using universal design for learning for inclusive apprenticeships.
Author(s): DiBiase, Mary; Hoff, David.
Accession Number: O23175.

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Workplace accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review of the impacts and implications for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Fuentes, Kristina; Lindsay, Sally.
Accession Number: J91281.

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The role of information and knowledge in COVID-19 vaccination among people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.
Author(s): Lineberry, Sarah; Bogenschutz, Matthew; Dinora, Parthenia; Ayers, Kara.
Accession Number: J91183.

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People with disabilities online engagement during COVID-19.
Author(s): Anderson, Raeda; Usmanov, George; Thompson, Nicole; Morris, John.
Accession Number: J90611.

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Closing the information gap: Making COVID-19 information accessible for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Anderson, Sarah M.; Flores, Alina L.; Baldwin, Laura Z.; Phillips, Carolyn P.; Meunier, Jennifer.
Accession Number: J90589.

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To connect and educate: Why families engage in family professional partnership training experiences.
Author(s): Baumann, Stephanie D.; Ronkin, Emily; Roach, Andrew T.; Crenshaw, Mark; Graybill, Emily C.; Crimmins, Daniel B..
Accession Number: J90178.

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An integrative review of the potential of wireless assistive technologies and internet of things (IoT) to improve accessibility to education for students with disabilities.
Author(s): Bright, Dara.
Accession Number: J90642.

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Barriers to work-based learning experiences: A mixed methods study of perceptions from the field.
Author(s): Bromley, Katherine W.; Hirano, Kara; Kittelman, Angus; Mazzotti, Valerie L.; McCroskey, Connor.
Accession Number: J88225.

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Online learning and COVID-19: Exploring digital accessibility.
Author(s): Brown, Justin; Permvattana, Ruchi; Hollier, Scott; McKee, Jason.
Accession Number: J90599.

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The struggle: A necessary component of disability freedom.
Author(s): Candela, Anthony R..
Accession Number: J90353.

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From fear to safety: A roadmap to recovery from musculoskeletal pain.
Author(s): Caneiro, J. P.; Smith, Anne; Bunzli, Samantha; Linton, Steven; Moseley, G. Lorimer; O’Sullivan, Peter.
Accession Number: J89193.

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Understanding medical students' attitudes towards and experiences with persons with disabilities and disability education.
Author(s): Chardavoyne, Paige C.; Henry, April M.; Forte, Karin S..
Accession Number: J88666.

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Literacy learning among students with complex support needs in postsecondary education programs: A scoping literature review.
Author(s): Copeland, Susan R.; Zagona, Alison L..
Accession Number: J89614.

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Clinical utility of a hybrid secondary and relapse prevention program in adults with mild intellectual disability or borderline intellectual functioning in community residential and day habilitation settings.
Author(s): Copersino, Marc L.; Slayter, Elspeth; McHugh, R. Kathryn; Shedlack, Karen J.; Lukas, Scott E.; Weiss, Roger D..
Accession Number: J89835.

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Current practices and challenges in language proficiency assessment for English learners with complex support needs.
Author(s): de Valenzuela, J. S.; Pacheco, Rosalía; Shenoy, Sunaina.
Accession Number: J88745.

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Promoting self-determination in community contexts: Experiences with implementing the self-determined learning model of instruction.
Author(s): Dean, Evan E.; Hagiwara, Mayumi; Jones, Jennifer; Gallus, Kami; Shogren, Karrie A..
Accession Number: J88848.

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Exposure in vivo as a treatment approach to target pain-related fear: Theory and new insights from research and clinical practice.
Author(s): den Hollander, Marlies; Smeets, Rob J. E. M.; van Meulenbroek, Thijs; van Laake-Geelen, Charlotte C. M.; Baadjou, Vera A; Timmers, Inge.
Accession Number: J89195.

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Teaching virtual job interview skills to college students with IDD using literacy-based behavioral interventions.
Author(s): Downey, Angelica; Torres, Ayse; Kearney, Kelly B.; Brady, Michael P.; Katz, Joshua.
Accession Number: J88737.

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AT services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Edyburn, Dave (Ed.).
Accession Number: R09593.

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Understanding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on assistive technology services.
Author(s): Edyburn, Dave; Howard, Erin L..
Accession Number: J90576.

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