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Sexual health resource toolkit for parents and caregivers of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Accession Number: O23166.

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Perceived care partner burden at 1-year post-injury and associations with emotional awareness, functioning, and empathy after TBI: A TBI model systems study.
Author(s): Klyce, Daniel W.; Merced, Kritzianel; Erickson, Alexander; Neumann, Dawn M.; Hammond, Flora M.; Sander, Angelle M.; Bogner, Jennifer A.; Bushnik, Tamara; Chung, Joyce S.; Finn, Jacob A..
Accession Number: J91295.

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FMR1 CGG repeats and stress influence self-reported cognitive functioning in mothers.
Author(s): Maltman, Nell; DaWalt, Leann S.; Hong, Jinkuk; Baker, Mei W.; Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth M.; Brilliant, Murray H.; Mailick, Marsha.
Accession Number: J91186.

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Caring again: Support for parent caregivers of wounded, ill, and/or injured adult children veterans.
Author(s): Martindale-Adams, Jennifer L.; Zuber, Jeffrey; Burns, Robert; Nichols, Linda O..
Accession Number: J91328.

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Residency differences between fathers with and without disabilities in the United States.
Author(s): Namkung, Eun H.; Mitra, Monika.
Accession Number: J91315.

6 of 2000
Pediatric tele-coaching fidelity evaluation: Feasibility, perceived satisfaction and usefulness of a new measure.
Author(s): Ogourtsova, Tatiana; Majnemer, Annette; Brown, Amelie; Filliter, Helen J.; Wittmeier, Kristy; Hanson, Jessica; O’Donnell, Maureen.
Accession Number: J91234.

7 of 2000
Pathways to paid work for youth with severe disabilities: Perspectives on strategies for success.
Author(s): Schutz, Michele; Schwartzman, Ben; Awsumb, Jessica M.; Burgess, Leah; Carter, Erik W.; Taylor, Julie L..
Accession Number: J91015.

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The mediatory role of executive functioning on the association between sleep and both everyday memory and ADHD symptoms in children and youth with Down syndrome.
Author(s): Soltani, Amanallah; Schworer, Emily K.; Esbensen, Anna J..
Accession Number: J91191.

9 of 2000
The effect of physical activity on quality of life and parenting stress in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A randomized controlled trial.
Author(s): Zhang, Zhenzhen; Li, Ru; Zhou, Ziwei; Wang, Peng; Yang, Binrang; Wang, Xiaodong.
Accession Number: J90938.

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3 tips to improve communication with your youth and young adults.
Accession Number: O23094.

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Resource list on transfer of IDEA rights for students with disabilities.
Accession Number: O23033.

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What do you need to know about guardianship?.
Accession Number: O23104.

13 of 2000
Myths and facts about inclusionary practices in Washington State.
Accession Number: O22861.

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Barriers and solutions to passing state legislation to protect the rights of parents with disabilities: Lessons from interviews with advocates, attorneys, and legislators.
Author(s): Albert, Sasha M.; Powell, Robyn M.; Rubinstein, Jack.
Accession Number: J89376.

15 of 2000
Transition planning: Knowledge and preferences of Latinx families of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Aleman-Tovar, Janeth; Rios, Kristina; Burke, Meghan M..
Accession Number: J88864.

16 of 2000
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on therapy service delivery and functioning for school-aged children with disabilities in the United States.
Author(s): Allison, Kristen M.; Levac, Danielle E..
Accession Number: J88650.

17 of 2000
Walking activities beyond gait training: Priorities in everyday life for parents and adolescents in pediatric neurorehabilitation.
Author(s): Ammann-Reiffer, Corinne; Graser, Judith V..
Accession Number: J90241.

18 of 2000
Rethinking systemic ableism: A response to Zagouras, Ellick, and Aulisio.
Author(s): Andrews, Erin E.; Ayers, Kara B.; Stramondo, Joseph A.; Powell, Robyn M..
Accession Number: J89237.

19 of 2000
Pursuing paid employment for youth with severe disabilities: Multiple perspectives on pressing challenges.
Author(s): Awsumb, Jessica; Schutz, Michele; Carter, Erik; Schwartzman, Ben; Burgess, Leah; Taylor, Julie L..
Accession Number: J88746.

20 of 2000
Testing the impact of a peer-delivered family support program: A randomized clinical effectiveness trial.
Author(s): Bearman, Sarah K.; Jamison, Jesslyn M.; Lopez, Molly A.; Baker, Nichole M.; Sanchez, Joanne E..
Accession Number: J90049.

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