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CROR outcomes, Fall 2022.
Accession Number: O23133.

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Peer support specialist certification series.
Accession Number: O22992.

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Outcomes of peer-provided individual placement and support services in a mental health peer-run vocational program.
Author(s): Cook, Judith A.; Steigman, Pamela J.; Swarbrick, Margaret; Burke-Miller, Jane K.; Laing, Taina B.; Vite, Laurie; Jonikas, Jessica A.; Brown, Isaac.
Accession Number: J90916.

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Peer academic supports for success (PASS) for college students with mental illness: Open trial.
Author(s): Davis, Maryann; Hutchinson, Dori S.; Cherchia, Paul; Golden, Laura; Morrison, Emily; Baczko, Amanda.
Accession Number: J91319.

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MS JobSeek: A pilot randomized controlled trial of an online peer discussion forum for job-seekers with multiple sclerosis.
Author(s): Dorstyn, Diana; Oxlad, Melissa; Roberts, Rachel; Murphy, Gregory; Potter, Elizabeth; Kneebone, Ian; Craig, Ashley.
Accession Number: J88230.

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Mentor models and practices for inclusive postsecondary education.
Author(s): Krech-Bowles, Lindsay; Becht, Kathleen.
Accession Number: O22977.

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Peer support interventions in physical medicine and rehabilitation: A framework to advance the field.
Author(s): Magasi, Susan; Papadimitriou, Christina.
Accession Number: J89465.

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Peer multiple mentor model (P3M) for training disability/health and rehabilitation equity researchers: Case study at a historically black college/university.
Author(s): Moore, Corey L.; Manyibe, Edward O.; Washington, Andre L..
Accession Number: J88571.

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A systematic review of the effects of community transition programs on quality of life and hospital readmissions for adults with traumatic spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Tschoepe, Raheleh; Benfield, Anna; Posey, Rachael; Mercer, Vicki.
Accession Number: J89035.

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Effects of peer mentoring for caregivers of patients with acquired brain injury: A preliminary investigation of efficacy.
Author(s): Jones, Michael; Holley, Claire; Jacobs, Mariellen; Batchelor, Ruth; Mangin, Ashley.
Accession Number: J87536.

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Peer mentoring reduces unplanned readmissions and improves self-efficacy following inpatient rehabilitation for individuals with spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Jones, Michael L.; Gassaway, Julie; Sweatman, W. Mark.
Accession Number: J86460.

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Understanding peer mentorship programs delivered by Canadian SCI community-based organizations: Perspectives on mentors and organizational consideration.
Author(s): Sweet, Shane N.; Hennig, Lauren; Pastore, Olivia L.; Hawley, Stephanie; Clarke, Teren Y.; Flaro, Haley; Schaefer, Lee; Gainforth, Heather L..
Accession Number: J88283.

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Outcomes of peer mentorship for people living with spinal cord injury: Perspectives from members of Canadian community-based SCI organizations.
Author(s): Sweet, Shane N.; Hennig, Lauren; Shi, Zhiyang; Clarke, Teren; Flaro, Haley; Hawley, Stephanie; Schaefer, Lee; Gainforth, Heather L..
Accession Number: J88285.

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The experiences and perceptions of college peer mentors interacting with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Athamanah, Lindsay S.; Fisher, Marisa H.; Sung, Connie; Han, Jinny E..
Accession Number: J85279.

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Building inclusive communities through peer mentoring: A tool for change.
Author(s): Jones, Melissa M.; Budke, Katie; Brown, Olivia; Caldwell, Rebecca; Claybern, Courtney; Jacobs, Rose; Robinson, Mandi.
Accession Number: J84772.

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Understanding transition for youth with spinal cord injury: Youth and caregiver perceptions.
Author(s): Porto, Alexander; Anderson, Lara; Kalinich, Tyler; Deane, Kyle C.; Vogel, Lawrence C.; Zebracki, Kathy.
Accession Number: J84251.

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Peer supports: Focusing on the experiences of college students with intellectual disability.
Author(s): Wilt, Courtney L.; Morningstar, Mary E..
Accession Number: O22122.

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Student perspectives on peer supports in an inclusive postsecondary education context.
Author(s): Wilt, Courtney L.; Morningstar, Mary E..
Accession Number: J84762.

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Investigating characteristics of quality peer mentors with spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Gainforth, Heather L.; Giroux, Emily E.; Shaw, Robert B.; Casemore, Sheila; Clarke, Teren Y.; McBride, Christopher B.; Garnett, Claire V.; Sweet, Shane N..
Accession Number: J82341.

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Peer-led, transformative learning approaches increase classroom engagement in care self-management classes during inpatients rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Gassaway, Julie; Jones, Michael L.; Sweatmen, W. Mark; Young, Tamara.
Accession Number: J81037.

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