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Mentor models and practices for inclusive postsecondary education.
Author(s): Krech-Bowles, Lindsay; Becht, Kathleen.
Accession Number: O22977.

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The experiences and perceptions of college peer mentors interacting with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Athamanah, Lindsay S.; Fisher, Marisa H.; Sung, Connie; Han, Jinny E..
Accession Number: J85279.

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Building inclusive communities through peer mentoring: A tool for change.
Author(s): Jones, Melissa M.; Budke, Katie; Brown, Olivia; Caldwell, Rebecca; Claybern, Courtney; Jacobs, Rose; Robinson, Mandi.
Accession Number: J84772.

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Peer supports: Focusing on the experiences of college students with intellectual disability.
Author(s): Wilt, Courtney L.; Morningstar, Mary E..
Accession Number: O22122.

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Student perspectives on peer supports in an inclusive postsecondary education context.
Author(s): Wilt, Courtney L.; Morningstar, Mary E..
Accession Number: J84762.

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Implementing evidence-based interventions with community-dwelling older adults: A scoping review.
Author(s): Juckett, Lisa A.; Robinson, Monica L..
Accession Number: J79527.

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College peer mentoring and students with intellectual disability: Mentors' perspectives on relationship dynamics.
Author(s): Culnane, Mary; Eisenman, Laura T.; Murphy, Aideen.
Accession Number: J77843.

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Effectiveness of interventions to improve occupational performance for people with psychosocial, behavioral, and emotional impairments after traumatic brain injury: A systematic review.
Author(s): Wheeler, Steven; Acord-Vira, Amanda; Davis, Diana.
Accession Number: J78627.

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Key elements supporting goal attainment for transition-age young adults: A case study illustration from project TEAM.
Author(s): Levin, Melissa R.; Kramer, Jessica M..
Accession Number: J73565.

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What it means to mentor: One student's non-traditional story.
Author(s): Fasching-Varner, Kenneth; Bible, Claire.
Accession Number: O18547.