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Accommodating hearing loss in outpatient physician offices in the U.S.
Author(s): Iezzoni, Lisa I.; Rao, Sowmya R.; Ressalam, Julie; Bolcic-Jankovic, Dragana.
Accession Number: J90944.

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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with disabilities: Research findings.
Accession Number: O22934.

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Access for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in informational and educational remote sessions.
Author(s): Ballenger, Sheryl.
Accession Number: J90586.

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Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom: Employment status following traumatic amputation.
Author(s): Hawley, Carolyn E.; Armstrong, Amy J.; Darter, Benjamin J.; Sima, Adam; Fields, Kevin.
Accession Number: J91028.

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'I am not the doctor for you': Physicians' attitudes about caring for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Lagu, Tara; Haywood, Carol; Reimold, Kimberly; DeJong, Christene; Sterling, Robin W.; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J90212.

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How ACL’s disability and aging networks can help people with long COVID.
Accession Number: O22558.

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Law enforcement and individuals with disabilities: Steps towards service improvement.
Author(s): Bezyak, Jill L.; Clemens, Elysia; Lucas, Sarah.
Accession Number: J88951.

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The road to work: Youth with disabilities and their views on employment and the ADA.
Author(s): Fabian, Ellen; Havewala, Mazneen; Deschamps, Ann; Owens, Laura; Horton, Nancy.
Accession Number: J89274.

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NIDILRR: Supporting applied research and development to improve the lives of people with mental illness.
Author(s): Caplan, Leslie J..
Accession Number: J83462.

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Aging, community-based employment, mobility impairment, and retirement: National core indicators-adult consumer survey data.
Author(s): Stancliffe, Roger J.; Nye-Lengerman, Kelly M.; Kramme, Julie E. D..
Accession Number: J82349.

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Competitive employment for transition-aged youth with significant impact from autism: A multi-site randomized clinical trial.
Author(s): Wehman, Paul; Schall, Carol; McDonough, Jennifer; Sima, Adam; Brooke, Alissa; Ham, Whitney; Whittenburg, Holly; Brooke, Valerie; Avelione, Lauren; Riehle, Erin.
Accession Number: J80856.

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Results from a randomized trial evaluating a hospital-school transition support model for students hospitalized with traumatic brain injury.
Author(s): Glang, Ann; Todis, Bonnie; Ettel, Debbie; Wade, Shari L.; Yeates, Keith O..
Accession Number: J78121.

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Feasibility of electronic peer mentoring for transition-age youth and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Project teens making environment and activity modifications.
Author(s): Kramer, Jessica M.; Ryan, Cathryn T.; Moore, Rachel; Schwartz, Ariel.
Accession Number: J76315.

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Contributing meaning to research in developmental disabilities: Integrating participatory action and methodological rigor.
Author(s): Powers, Laurie E..
Accession Number: J78363.

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Impact of PANS and PANDAS exacerbations on occupational performance: A mixed-methods study.
Author(s): Tona, Janice T.; Bhattacharijya, Sutanuka; Calaprice, Denise.
Accession Number: J78841.

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Expanding the implementation of the Americans with disabilities act for populations with intellectual and developmental disabilities: The role of organization-level occupational therapy consultation.
Author(s): Umeda, Caroline J.; Fogelberg, Donald J.; Jirikowic, Tracy; Pitonyak, Jennifer S.; Mroz, Tracy M.; Ideishi, Roger I..
Accession Number: J76904.

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"Respect the way I need to communicate with you": Healthcare experiences of adults on the autism spectrum.
Author(s): Nicolaidis, Christina; Raymaker, Dora M.; Ashkenazy, Elesia; McDonald, Katherine E.; Dern, Sebastian; Baggs, Amelia E. V.; Kapp, Steven K.; Weiner, Michael; Boisclair, W. Cody.
Accession Number: J73784.

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Communities of practice to improve employment outcomes: A needs assessment.
Author(s): Bezyak, Jill L.; Yan, Min-Chi; Kang, Hyun-Ju; Burke, Jana; Chan, Fong.
Accession Number: J70882.

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Sign support guidelines for accessible assessments: Insights from cognitive labs.
Author(s): Shyyan, Vitaliy; Christensen, Laurene; Rogers, Christopher; Kincaid, Aleksis.
Accession Number: O20077.

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Severity, employment, and gender: Factors influencing independence for adults with multiple sclerosis.
Author(s): Roessler, Richard T.; Gitchel Jr., W. Dent.
Accession Number: J67407.

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