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Analysis of the item characteristics of the domestic evaluation on the test accommodation used as the instructional adaptations.
Author(s): Lee, Jae-Ho.
Accession Number: I245951.

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The Essence of Reasonable Accommodation for People with Disabilities in the Canadian Workplace in the Early 1980s: A Comparison to Reasonable Accommodation in Religious Practices.
Author(s): Ayako SHINADA; Noriko OKA.
Accession Number: I247941.

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The Trends of Effects of the Disability Anti-Discrimination Law on the Job Tenure of Disabled Workers: Focused on Longitudinal Effects of the Prohibition against Direct Discriminations and Provision with Reasonable Accommodations.
Author(s): Hwang Jaewon; Seo Jeonghee.
Accession Number: I242198.

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A Study on the Influence of Reasonable Accommodation on the Employment Probability and Job Retention of the People with Disabilities.
Author(s): Jun, Young H..
Accession Number: I242268.

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A Study on the Improvement of the Test Accommodations of Employment and Certification Examinations for Applicants with Disabilities.
Author(s): Ko Ahra; Seo Wonsun.
Accession Number: I242904.

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The Effect of Job-related Accommodation Experience on Acceptance of Disability, Job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction for Rehabilitation of Workers with Disabilities.
Author(s): J. S. Park.
Accession Number: I242341.