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Parents’ perception of auditory hypersensitivity in children with clinical signs of risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Author(s): Ana Manhani Cáceres-Assenço; Vanessa Giacchini; Eliene Silva Araújo; Krisia Thayná Lima da Costa.
Accession Number: I248334.

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Correlations between Behavioral Profiles, Executive Functioning and Empathy in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Guidelines for Intervention.
Author(s): Ana RODRIGUES; Evelina BRÍGIDO; Sofia SANTOS.
Accession Number: I248115.

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Research Trends in Expanded Core Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments.
Author(s): Heo Kwang Hoi; Hong Jae young; Jeong Da ye; Jin Hyun Kyung; Kim Ju Hee; Shin Soeun.
Accession Number: I248528.

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Parents’ experiences of the regular classes adaptation process among children with acquired brain injury: A qualitative study using the trajectory equifinality approach.
Author(s): Makoto Kyogoku; Mutsumi Teraoka; Yusuke Kusano.
Accession Number: I248072.

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Discharge management in pediatric and adolescent psychiatry. Expectations and realities from the parental perspective.
Author(s): B. Williams; I. Boege; J.M. Fegert; U. Schulze.
Accession Number: I247559.

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Infants motor development in parental intervention during childcare: case series.
Author(s): Cinthia Marques de Carvalho; Katia Virgínia Viana Cardoso; Letícia Helene Mendes Ferreira; Marcela de Castro Ferracioli Gama; Tayná Albuquerque Tabosa.
Accession Number: I247707.

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Childhood Cancer Patients in a Family-Oriented Rehabilitation Program: Goals and Change in Physical Functioning.
Author(s): Corinna Bergelt; Konstantin A. Krauth; Laura Inhestern; Mona L. Peikert.
Accession Number: I247012.

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The Relationship between Social Skills, Executive Functions, and Story Comprehension in Children with and without Specific Language Impairment.
Author(s): Dongsun Yim; Juhee Mun.
Accession Number: I247974.

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Acquisition of Social and Group Behavioral Rules for School Readiness in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parent-implemented Video-based School Transition Support.
Author(s): Fumiyuki NORO; Junichi YAMAMOTO; Natsumi ISHIKAWA; Yuka ISHIZUKA.
Accession Number: I247401.

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Evaluation of a Consultation for Implementing a 6-session Parent Training by a Child Development Support Staf.
Author(s): Fumiyuki NORO; Tsutomu KAMIYAMA.
Accession Number: I247644.

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Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP)-based tele-occupational therapy for children with reading and handwriting difficulties.
Author(s): Hiroyasu Shiozu; Shigeki Kurasawa; Mitsuyoshi Okutsu.
Accession Number: I248047.

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Difficulties Experienced by Graduates of Schools for the Visually Impaired During Independent Living and Problem Solving in Adulthood.
Author(s): Hong, Jae-Young; Kim, Tae-Sik.
Accession Number: I248551.

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A Longitudinal Analysis on the Duration of Utterance in a Conversational Turn and Turn-Switching Pause in Preschool Children who Stutter during Interactions with Their Mothers.
Author(s): Hyo Jung Kwak; Hyun Sub Sim; Soo Bok Lee.
Accession Number: I247370.

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“I Kept Questioning It in the First 6th Months”: The Process of AAC Acceptance in Parents of Children with Complex Communication Needs.
Author(s): HyunJu Park.
Accession Number: I247358.

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Characteristics of Picture Book Reading Activities at Home for Preschool Deaf Children: Analysis on the Different Interests in the Content of Picture Books.
Author(s): Inho CHUNG; Satoe SAIGUSA.
Accession Number: I247488.

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Relationship to Maternal Parenting Anxiety, Depression and Maladaptive Behavior of Children with Visual Impairments: The Evaluation of the Moderating Effects of the Support Project for the Children with Visual Impairments and Families.
Author(s): Kim, Ji-Hye.
Accession Number: I248595.

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Comparison between Parents and Teachers Assessment of Language Development for Infants: 18-35 Months.
Author(s): Kyunghee Jung; Yun-hee Kim,.
Accession Number: I247499.

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Optic neuritis in paediatric patients: Experience over 27 years and a management protocol.
Author(s): L. Monge Galindo; A.L. Martínez de Morentín; J. López-Pisón; J.L. Pe˜na-Segura; J.P. García I˜niguez; S. Sánchez Marco; V. Pueyo Royo.
Accession Number: I246900.

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The Prevalence and Social Network of Domestic Partnerships, Married Lives and Parenting of Japanese People with Intellectual Disabilities: According to the Questionnaire Survey of Consultation and Support Center.
Author(s): Masaru NAGAWA; Wakae NOBUHARA.
Accession Number: I247964.

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An Exploratory Study on the Actual Conditions of Child-rearing and Support Issues for Japanese Parents and Children with Disabilities Living in Paris.
Author(s): Masayoshi TSUGE; Yuki TAJIRI.
Accession Number: I247410.

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