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Assessment for inclusion in higher education: Promoting equity and social justice in assessment.
Author(s): Ajjawi, Rola; Tai, Joanna; Boud, David; de St Jorre, Trina J. (Eds.).
Accession Number: R09592.

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Workplace accommodations during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review of the impacts and implications for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Fuentes, Kristina; Lindsay, Sally.
Accession Number: J91281.

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A sensibility assessment of the job demands and accommodation planning tool (JDAPT): A tool to help workers with an episodic disability plan workplace support.
Author(s): Gignac, Monique A. M.; Bowring, Julie; Tonima, Sabrina; Franche, Renee-Louise; Thompson, Aaron; Jetha, Arif; Smith, Peter M.; Macdermid, Joy C.; Shaw, William S.; Van Eerd, Dwayne; Beaton, Dorcas E.; Irvin, Emma; Tompa, Emile; Saunders, Ron.
Accession Number: J91304.

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Accommodating hearing loss in outpatient physician offices in the U.S.
Author(s): Iezzoni, Lisa I.; Rao, Sowmya R.; Ressalam, Julie; Bolcic-Jankovic, Dragana.
Accession Number: J90944.

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Suggestions for involving students in selecting and implementing accommodations.
Author(s): Lazarus, Sheryl S.; Fleming, Kascinda; Ressa, Virginia A.; Ghere, Gail.
Accession Number: O23178.

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A summary of the research on the effects of K-12 test accommodations: 2021.
Author(s): Rogers, Christopher M.; Ressa, Virginia A.; Lazarus, Sheryl S.; Thurlow, Martha L.; Swadek, Ghada.
Accession Number: J91299.

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Employers' practical guide: Reasonable accommodation during the hiring process.
Accession Number: O23097.

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Supporting employees with long COVID: A guide for employers.
Accession Number: O23008.

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Implications of physical access barriers for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in women with mobility disability.
Author(s): Agaronnik, Nicole D.; El-Jawahri, Areej; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J89379.

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Access for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in informational and educational remote sessions.
Author(s): Ballenger, Sheryl.
Accession Number: J90586.

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Housing, transportation and quality of life among people with mobility limitations: A critical review of relationships and issues related to access to home- and community-based services.
Author(s): Best, Krista L.; Noreau, Luc; Gagnon, Marie-Andrée; Barthod, Corentin; Hitzig, Sander L.; Routhier, François.
Accession Number: J90294.

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Disability‑inclusive employment, cancer survivorship, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Author(s): Blanck, Peter.
Accession Number: J88381.

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Peer academic supports for success (PASS) for college students with mental illness: Open trial.
Author(s): Davis, Maryann; Hutchinson, Dori S.; Cherchia, Paul; Golden, Laura; Morrison, Emily; Baczko, Amanda.
Accession Number: J91319.

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Current practices and challenges in language proficiency assessment for English learners with complex support needs.
Author(s): de Valenzuela, J. S.; Pacheco, Rosalía; Shenoy, Sunaina.
Accession Number: J88745.

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Requesting workplace accommodation among individuals with mobility disabilities: A qualitative investigation on barriers and facilitators.
Author(s): Dong, Shengli; Hespe, Paige; Monagas, Kacey.
Accession Number: J91034.

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Information/education page: Return to work for people with aphasia.
Author(s): Gilmore, Natalie; Fraas, Michael; Hinckley, Jacqueline.
Accession Number: J89397.

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Working with chronic health conditions and the disclosure decision-conflict: Development of a web-based interactive self-test to support an informed decision – A brief report.
Author(s): Greifenberg, Anja; Bauer, Jana F.; Chakraverty, Veronika; Niehaus, Mathilde.
Accession Number: J88599.

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A comparative overview of disability-related employment laws and policies in 193 countries.
Author(s): Heymann, Jody; Wong, Elizabeth; Waisath, Willetta.
Accession Number: J89377.

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Opportunities and challenges: An examination of educational landscape for people with visual impairment in China.
Author(s): Hu, Luanjiao.
Accession Number: J91316.

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Diversity and inclusion in the legal profession: Disclosure of cancer and other health conditions by lawyers with disabilities and lawyers who identify as LGBTQ +.
Author(s): Hyseni, Fitore; Myderrizi, Arzana; Blanck, Peter.
Accession Number: J88379.

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