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2023 annual disability infographic: Experience of people with disabilities in rural America.
Accession Number: O23109.

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Our voices: The importance of direct support professionals and potential impact of the provider rate study.
Accession Number: O23155.

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America at a glance: Transportation use during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Myers, Andrew.
Accession Number: O23173.

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2022 Impact report: Improving life for rural Americans with disabilities.
Accession Number: O23108.

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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with disabilities: Research findings.
Accession Number: O22934.

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The use of telehealth for disability evaluation in medicine and allied health: Proceedings of a workshop.
Author(s): Bell, Crystal J.; Johnson, Anne F..
Accession Number: R09607.

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Personal care aides: Assessing self-care needs and worker shortages in rural areas.
Author(s): Chapman, Susan A.; Greiman, Lillie; Bates, Timothy; Wagner, Laura M.; Lissau, Ari; Toivanen-Atilla, Kirsi; Sage, Rayna.
Accession Number: J90214.

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Are nonpharmacologic interventions delivered through synchronous telehealth as effective and safe as in-person interventions for the management of patients with nonacute musculoskeletal conditions? A systematic rapid review.
Author(s): Corso, Melissa; Cancelliere, Carol; Mior, Silvano; Salmi, Louis R.; Cedraschi, Christine; Nordin, Margareta; Taylor-Vaisey, Anne; Cote, Pierre.
Accession Number: J88389.

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Addictions counseling against the odds in rural Alaska: Understanding and compassion motivate counselors.
Author(s): Cromwell, Heather; Conrad, Kelley A..
Accession Number: J91040.

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Parent experience and cost savings associated with a novel tele-physiatry program for children living in rural and underserved communities.
Author(s): Davidson, Loren; Haynes, Sarah C.; Favila-Meza, Amanda; Hoch, Jeffrey S.; Tancredi, Daniel J.; Bares, Alanna D.; Mouzoon, Jamie; Marcin, James P..
Accession Number: J88372.

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Influential factors in the recovery process of burn survivors in a predominately rural state: A qualitative study.
Author(s): Dukes, Kimberly; Baldwin, Stephanie; Assimacopoulos, Evangelia; Grieve, Brian; Hagedorn, Joshua; Wibbenmeyer, Lucy.
Accession Number: J90091.

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In the driver’s seat: A randomized, crossover clinical trial protocol comparing home and community use of the Permobil explorer mini and a modified ride-on car by children with cerebral palsy.
Author(s): Feldner, Heather A.; Logan, Samuel W.; Kenyon, Lisa K..
Accession Number: J89804.

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Examining rural-urban disparities in perceived need for health care services among adults with disabilities.
Author(s): Gimm, Gilbert; Ipsen, Catherine.
Accession Number: J89742.

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Assessing factors associated with social connectedness in adults with mobility disabilities.
Author(s): Hall, Jean P.; Kurth, Noelle K.; Goddard, Kelsey S..
Accession Number: J87550.

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“Sympathy” vs.“Empathy”: Comparing experiences of I2Audits and disability simulations.
Author(s): Hicks, Emily C.; Traci, Meg A.; Korb, Karin.
Accession Number: J90261.

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Events across the life course contribute to higher mobility impairment rates in rural U.S.
Author(s): Ipsen, Catherine; Ward, Bryce; Myers, Andrew.
Accession Number: J89675.

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'I am not the doctor for you': Physicians' attitudes about caring for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Lagu, Tara; Haywood, Carol; Reimold, Kimberly; DeJong, Christene; Sterling, Robin W.; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J90212.

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America at a glance: An update on rural-urban difference in disability rates.
Author(s): Leopold, A., & Greiman, L..
Accession Number: O22922.

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Racial and ethnic differences in rural-urban trends in 5-year survival of patients with lung, prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers: 1975-2011 surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (SEER).
Author(s): Lewis-Thames, Marquita W.; Langston, Marvin E.; Khan, Saira; Han, Yunan; Fuzzell, Lindsay; Xu, Shuai; Moore, Justin X..
Accession Number: J90472.

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A study of work-related interview skills training for people with visual impairments.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Oursler, Janice; Herrick, Samantha; Socha, Crystal; Zaher, Adam; Beninato, John; Harris, Kevin.
Accession Number: J91032.

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