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Access of patients with neurological disorders living in the rural area to the physiotherapy service.
Author(s): Ednilda Firmino Pereira; Giglielli Modesto Rodrigues Santos; Rosângela Maria Fernandes de Oliveira; Sany Pereira de Sousa; Thaysa Lesley Rocha da Silva.
Accession Number: I247399.

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Awareness, knowledge and attitudes towards epilepsy among rural populations in East Coast Peninsular Malaysia: a preliminary exploration.
Author(s): Neni SW; Latif AZ; Lua PL; Wong SY.
Accession Number: I128346.

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Sources of double disadvantage for people with disabilities living in remote and rural areas of New South Wales, Australia.
Author(s): Gething L.
Accession Number: I5460.