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FMR1 CGG repeats and stress influence self-reported cognitive functioning in mothers.
Author(s): Maltman, Nell; DaWalt, Leann S.; Hong, Jinkuk; Baker, Mei W.; Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth M.; Brilliant, Murray H.; Mailick, Marsha.
Accession Number: J91186.

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Caring again: Support for parent caregivers of wounded, ill, and/or injured adult children veterans.
Author(s): Martindale-Adams, Jennifer L.; Zuber, Jeffrey; Burns, Robert; Nichols, Linda O..
Accession Number: J91328.

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Initial development and evaluation of the my family’s accessibility and community engagement (MyFACE) tool for families of children with disabilities.
Author(s): Bourke-Taylor, Helen M.; Joyce, Kahli S.; Loredana Tirlea,.
Accession Number: J89992.

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Uplifts, respite, stress, and marital quality for parents raising children with Down syndrome or autism.
Author(s): Easler, Jamie K.; Taylor, Tina M.; Roper, Susanne O.; Yorgason, Jeremy B.; Harper, James M..
Accession Number: J88865.

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Birth outcomes among women with congenital neuromuscular disabilities.
Author(s): García, Michelle H.; Parker, Samantha E.; Petersen, Julie M.; Rubenstein, Eric; Werler, Martha M..
Accession Number: J88663.

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Anxiety in angelman syndrome.
Author(s): Grebe, Stacey C.; Limon, Danica L.; McNeel, Morgan M.; Guzick, Andrew; Peters, Sarika U.; Tan, Wen-Hann; Sadhwani, Anjali; Bacino, Carlos A.; Bird, Lynne M.; Samaco, Rodney C.; Berry, Leandra N.; Goodman, Wayne K.; Schneider, Sophie C.; Storch, Eric A..
Accession Number: J88801.

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COVID-19 pandemic and infant neurodevelopmental impairment: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Author(s): Hessami, Kamran; Norooznezhad, Amir H.; Monteiro, Sonia; Barrozo, Enrico R.; Abdolmaleki, Abolfazl S.; Arian, Sara E.; Zargarzadeh, Nikan; Shekerdemian, Lara S.; Aagaard, Kjersti M.; Shamshirsaz, Alireza A..
Accession Number: J90466.

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Change in maladaptive behavior affects intergenerational relationships in fragile X syndrome.
Author(s): Lorang, Emily; Hong, Jinkuk; DaWalt, Leann S.; Mailick, Marsha.
Accession Number: J88816.

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Coaching-in-context with informal maternal care partners of children with spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Mulcahey, M. J.; Gerhardt, Nicole; Alpajora, Bernadette; Thielen, Christina C.; Dunn, Winnie.
Accession Number: J88346.

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Are pregnant women with disability prescribed opioids more and at higher dosages than those without disability?: A retrospective cohort study of South Carolina Medicaid beneficiaries.
Author(s): Richard, Chelsea L.; Love, Bryan L.; Boghossian, Nansi; Hardin, James; McDermott, Suzanne.
Accession Number: J89828.

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The availability and quality of breastfeeding guidelines for women with spinal cord injury: A narrative review.
Author(s): Rosetti, Leah; Elliott, Stacy; Lee, Amanda H. X.; McCracken, Laura A.; Hocaloski, Shea; Hodge, Karen; Zobina, Ineta; Rapidi, Christina-Anastasia; Manthos, Prokopios; Galata, Aggeliki; Miller, Tiev; Chung, Raymond C. K.; Krassioukov, Andrei V..
Accession Number: J90811.

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A challenging yet motivating journey: The experiences of young adult parents with serious mental health conditions in the USA.
Author(s): Sabella, Kathryn; Baczko, Amanda; Lane, Ian A.; Golden, Laura; Pici-D’Ottavio, Emma; O’Neill, Murron.
Accession Number: J89428.

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Emotional availability in mothers and their children with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 who require augmentative and alternative communication: A mixed-methods pilot study.
Author(s): Shahar-Lahav, Ravit; Sher-Censor, Efrat; Hebel, Orly.
Accession Number: J90958.

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Daily living skills in adolescent and young adult males with fragile x syndrome.
Author(s): Thurman, Angela J.; Swinehart, Stephanie S.; Klusek, Jessica; Roberts, Jane E.; Bullard, Lauren; Marzan, Jocelyn C. B.; Brown, W. Ted; Abbeduto, Leonard.
Accession Number: J88805.

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Perinatal mental health support and early childhood home visitation during COVID‑19.
Author(s): Traube, Dorian E.; Molina, Abigail P.; YingWangKay, Sheila; Kemner, Allison.
Accession Number: J88272.

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Evidence-based early home visiting for mothers and parents with intellectual disability: Home visitor perceptions and practices.
Author(s): West, Allison L.; Dibble, Kate E..
Accession Number: J90176.

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Virtual community engagement studio (V-CES): Engaging mothers with mental health and substance use conditions in research.
Author(s): Zisman-Ilani, Yaara; Buell, Jennifer; Mazel, Shayna; Hennig, Shannon; Nicholson, Joanne.
Accession Number: J89978.

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Implementing accessible airport lactation areas – friendly airports for mothers (FAM) act.
Accession Number: O22679.

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PODER news: Promoting obesity prevention among children with developmental disabilities and families through engaged research.
Accession Number: O22503.

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The compounding effect of having HIV and a disability on child mortality among mothers in South Africa.
Author(s): Akobirshoev, Ilhom; Zandam, Hussaini; Nandakumar, Allyala; Groce, Nora; Blecher, Mark; Mitra, Monika.
Accession Number: J89014.

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