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Factors Influencing the Access to and Utilization of Medical Rehabilitation Services Recommended after Care Assessment – Results of Qualitative Interviews with Professionals Involved in the Decision Process.
Author(s): André Golla; Wilfried Mau; Susanne Saal; Cynthia Richter.
Accession Number: I248316.

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A Study on the Experience of Mother's Life with a Blind Adolescent: Q Methodology.
Author(s): Ha, Jung Hee; Jeon, Eun Ji.
Accession Number: I248468.

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A Study on Disability Acceptance of Mothers of Children with Visual Impairments.
Author(s): Lee, Eunyeol; Lee, Shinyoung.
Accession Number: I248465.

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Questionnaire to Assess the Work-Related Orientation of Medical Rehabilitation from the Perspective of the Rehabilitants (WMR-R): Cross-Sectional Study Comparing the Short and Long Versions.
Author(s): Marco Streibelt; Wolfgang Bürger; Rüdiger Nübling.
Accession Number: I248340.

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A new protocol reduces median door-to-needle time to the benchmark of 30 minutesin acute stroke treatment.
Author(s): A. García Pastor; A.M. Iglesias Mohedano; C. Funes Molina; E. Esteban de Antonio; E. Lázaro García; F. Díaz Otero; M.A. Martín Gómez; P. Salgado Cámara; P. Simón Campo; P. Vázquez Alen.
Accession Number: I247378.

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Progression of a series of patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis treatedfor 7 years with natalizumab using the ‘‘no evidence of disease activity’’ parameter.
Author(s): A. Pato Pato; A. Rodríguez Regal; E. Costa Arpín; I. Cimas Hernando; I. Mu˜noz Pousa; I. Rodríguez Constenla; J.M. Prieto González; J.R. Lorenzo González; L. Naya Ríos; M.C. Amigo Jorrín.
Accession Number: I247810.

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Family-School-Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder Relationship: Parent’s and Teachers’ Perceptions.
Author(s): Angela Helena MARIN; Cristiane Soares CABRAL; Denise FALCKE.
Accession Number: I248134.

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Intergenerational Solidarity of Grandparents with Disabled Grandchildren: Bibliometric and Content Analysis.
Author(s): Claudia Maria Simões Martinez; Maria Cristina Piumbato Innocentini HAYASHI; Carlos Roberto Massao HAYASHI; Carolina REBELLATO.
Accession Number: I248141.

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Possible risk of fetal development of autism in pregnant women infected by SARS-CoV-2.
Author(s): Gislei Frota Aragão; José Eduardo Ribeiro Honório Júnior; Sayd Douglas Rolim Carneiro Oliveira.
Accession Number: I247171.

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Differences in Social Maturity and Behavioral Problems According to the Level of Sleep Problems in Infants With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Author(s): Ha, Eun Hye; Lee, Jin Kyeong.
Accession Number: I248491.

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A Longitudinal Analysis on the Duration of Utterance in a Conversational Turn and Turn-Switching Pause in Preschool Children who Stutter during Interactions with Their Mothers.
Author(s): Hyo Jung Kwak; Hyun Sub Sim; Soo Bok Lee.
Accession Number: I247370.

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Relationship to Maternal Parenting Anxiety, Depression and Maladaptive Behavior of Children with Visual Impairments: The Evaluation of the Moderating Effects of the Support Project for the Children with Visual Impairments and Families.
Author(s): Kim, Ji-Hye.
Accession Number: I248595.

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The Prevalence and Social Network of Domestic Partnerships, Married Lives and Parenting of Japanese People with Intellectual Disabilities: According to the Questionnaire Survey of Consultation and Support Center.
Author(s): Masaru NAGAWA; Wakae NOBUHARA.
Accession Number: I247964.

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An Exploratory Study on the Actual Conditions of Child-rearing and Support Issues for Japanese Parents and Children with Disabilities Living in Paris.
Author(s): Masayoshi TSUGE; Yuki TAJIRI.
Accession Number: I247410.

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A Systematic Review of Parent Training for Children with Communication Disorders in Korea.
Author(s): Youngmee Lee; Heesun Park; Youjin Lee.
Accession Number: I247394.

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The program of psychological and breastfeeding support “Maternity step by step”: an example of effective solution for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of prenatal and postpartum depression.
Author(s): Agnieszka Pietkiewicz; Daria Pizuńska; Joanna Żołnowska; Magdalena Chrzan-Dętkoś.
Accession Number: I247314.

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Severity of post-traumatic stress symptoms, level of experienced stress and coping strategies in mothers of children previously treated in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Author(s): Aleksandra Pawlak; Anna Aftyka; Ilona Ewelina Rozalska; Oleg Gorbaniuk.
Accession Number: I247221.

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A Case Study of Online Art Therapy in COVID-19: A Focus on Depression and Parenting Stress Relief for a Preschooler's Mother.
Author(s): An, Na-Hyun; Jeon, Eun-Jin; Lee, Hee-Soon.
Accession Number: I246713.

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The change in the intensity of symptoms in children and adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after “Workshops for Parents of Hyperactive Children”.
Author(s): Anita Bryńska; Tomasz Srebnicki; Tomasz Wolańczyk; Agnieszka Pisula; Stanisław Wójtowicz.
Accession Number: I247259.

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Autism, Maternal Narratives and Activism from 1970 to 2008.
Author(s): Bruna Alves LOPES.
Accession Number: I247464.

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