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Transition planning: Knowledge and preferences of Latinx families of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Aleman-Tovar, Janeth; Rios, Kristina; Burke, Meghan M..
Accession Number: J88864.

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Factors associated with ambulation and transfer ability: A study from the national spina bifida patient registry.
Author(s): Benjamin, Nicholas L.; McKernan, Gina; Izzo, Sara; Crytzer, Theresa M.; Clayton, Gerald H.; Wilson, Pamela E.; Houtrow, Amy J.; Dicianno, Brad E..
Accession Number: J89924.

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Leveraging Latinx and Spanish-language media to achieve mental health equity.
Author(s): DuPont-Reyes, Melissa J..
Accession Number: J90054.

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Emerging conceptual frameworks for co-serving veterans of color across the state-federal vocational rehabilitation program: SVRAs, AIVRPs, and VA-VR&E.
Author(s): Johnson, Jean E.; Washington, Andre L.; Moore, Corey L.; Sanders, Perry; Ward-Sutton, Courtney; Starr, Renee.
Accession Number: J88578.

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National benchmark study of employment equity among multiply marginalized persons of color with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A bootstrap approach.
Author(s): Moore, Corey L.; Wang, Penghua; Manyibe, Edward O.; Washington, Andre L.; Ward-Sutton, Courtney; Peterson, Gemarco; Webb, Kelsey.
Accession Number: J88579.

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Improving service delivery to out-of-school youth from minority backgrounds: Case study findings from the southern California resource services for independent living.
Author(s): O’Neill, John; Wang, Mira; Martin, Frank.
Accession Number: O22925.

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Parental perceptions of autism spectrum disorder in Latinx and Black sociocultural contexts: A systematic review.
Author(s): Rivera-Figueroa, Karla; Marfo, Nana Yaa A.; Eigsti, Inge-Marie.
Accession Number: J88804.

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Workplace discrimination allegations and outcomes involving Caucasian Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic/Latinx Americans with multiple sclerosis: A causal comparative analysis.
Author(s): Rumrill, Phillip D.; Zhang, Han; Li, Jian; Leslie, Mykal; McMahon, Brian T.; Bishop, Malachy; Rios, Yazmin C..
Accession Number: J88231.

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PODER news: Promoting obesity prevention among children with developmental disabilities and families through engaged research.
Accession Number: O22503.

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Health disparities, inequities, and social determinants of health in multiple sclerosis and related disorders in the US: A review.
Author(s): Amezcua, Lilyana; Rivera, Victor M.; Vazquez, Teresa C.; Baezconde-Garbanati, Lourdes; Langer-Gould, Annette.
Accession Number: J87540.

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The employment impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Americans with MS: Preliminary analysis.
Author(s): Bishop, Malachy; Rumrill, Stuart P..
Accession Number: J85664.

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Parents taking action: Adapting a peer-to-peer program for parents raising Black children with autism.
Author(s): Dababnah, Sarah; Shaia, Wendy E.; Kim, Irang; Magana, Sandy.
Accession Number: J87887.

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Racial and ethnic disparities in perceived barriers to health care among U.S. adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Li, Henan; Parish, Susan L.; Maga˜na, Sandra; Morales, Miguel A..
Accession Number: J86188.

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Cultural brokers in special education.
Author(s): Mortier, Kathleen; Brown, Isabella C.; Aramburo, Corrine M..
Accession Number: J85741.

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Exploring self-determination outcomes of racially and ethnically marginalized students with disabilities in inclusive, general education classrooms.
Author(s): Shogren, Karrie A.; Scott, LaRon A.; Hicks, Tyler A; Raley, Sheida K.; Hagiwara, Mayumi; Pace, Jesse R.; Gerasimova, Daria; Alsaeed, Abdulaziz; Kiblen, Jessie C..
Accession Number: J87886.

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COVID-19 and the US response: Accelerating health inequities.
Author(s): Okonkwo, Nneoma E.; Aguwa, Ugochi T.; Jang, Minyoung; Barré, Iman A.; Page, Kathleen R.; Sullivan, Patrick S.; Beyrer, Chris; Baral, Stefan.
Accession Number: J83923.

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Exploring the intersectionality of deaf and Latinx cultures through service-learning.
Author(s): Smith-Warshaw, Janice; Crume, Peter.
Accession Number: J84470.

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"Descubriendo soluciones juntos"-an argument for adapting problem-solving training for Latinx care partners after traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Author(s): Vega, Marlene; Nabasny, Andrew; Juengst, Shannon B..
Accession Number: J85792.

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Parents taking action: Reducing disparities through a culturally informed intervention for Latinx parents of children with autism.
Author(s): Lopez, Kristina; Magana, Sandra; Morales, Miguel; Iland, Emily.
Accession Number: J80525.

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