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The participation of the family in the school and social development of adolescents with visual disabilities: group therapeutic approach.
Author(s): Ms. Ana Cláudia Fernandes; Dra. Dolors Rodriguez Martin; Dra. Zélia Zilda Lourenço de Camargo Bittercourt; Dra. Maria Elisabete Rodrigues Freire Gasparetto; Dra. Rita de Cássia Letto Montilha.
Accession Number: I246367.

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Justice, diverse capabilities and equal access to information and communication technologies: the impact of relavite inequality.
Author(s): María Graciela de Ortúzar.
Accession Number: I244621.

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Assessment of the use of new technologies in people with multiple sclerosis.
Author(s): Marta Cárdenas Martínez; Marta Torres Parejo; Nuria Mendoza Laiz.
Accession Number: I245207.

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Survey on level of independence and need for support resources in a population with neuromuscular disorders.
Author(s): Thais Pousada García; Javier Pereira Loureiro; Betania Groba González; Laura Nieto Riveiro; Alejandro Pazos Sierra.
Accession Number: I245232.

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Assistive technology for the inclusive education of people with cerebral palsy: A critical review of the literature.
Author(s): Gomez-Beleño GE; López-Muñoz JS.
Accession Number: I241557.

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[Spontaneous breathing trial in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) versus T-piece].
Author(s): Esteban A; Molina-Saldarriaga FJ; Fonseca-Ruiz NJ; Cuesta-Castro DP.
Accession Number: I139483.

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[Home mechanical ventilation: dependency and burden of care in the home].
Author(s): Fernandez-Alvarez R; Rubinos-Cuadrado G; Cabrera-Lacalzada C; Galindo-Morales R.
Accession Number: I110256.

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Assistive technology applied to education of students with visual impairment.
Author(s): Monteiro GB; Alves CC; Rabello S; Gasparetto ME.
Accession Number: I114522.

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[Sleep apnea syndrome in heart failure. Effect of continuous positive airway pressure].
Author(s): Garcia Garcia M; Blanco Perez JJ; Zamarron Sanz C; Almazan Ortega R.
Accession Number: I90152.

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[Split night polysomnography to titrate continuous positive airway pressure therapy in adult patients with obstructive sleep apnea].
Author(s): Jorquera AJ; Santin J; Godoy J.
Accession Number: I74400.

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[Compliance with continuous positive airway pressure therapy in patients with sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome].
Author(s): Gallego CW; Dibur E; Salomone C; Di Bartolo CG.
Accession Number: I42198.

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[White Book of R&D&i for people with disabilities and older people].
Author(s): Garcia Alonso V; Prat Pastor J; Rodrigues-Porrero C; Sanchez Lacuesta J.
Accession Number: I21547.

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[Noninvasive mechanical ventilation in patients with neuromuscular diseases and in patients with chest restriction].
Author(s): Lisboa C; Diaz O; Fadic R.
Accession Number: I29897.

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[Clinical predictors of sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome susceptible to treatment with continuous positive airway pressure].
Author(s): Martinez Garcia MA; Soler Cataluna JJ; Roman Sanchez P; Cabero Salt L.
Accession Number: I29852.

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[Protocol to evaluate automatic continuous positive airway pressure. Assessment of the usefulness of the Autoset-T device to determine optimal pressure for treating sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome].
Author(s): Molina M; Hernandez L; Farre R; Duran J.
Accession Number: I29698.

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[Nasal resistance and continuous positive airway pressure treatment for sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome].
Author(s): Tarrega J; Mayos M; Montserrat JR; Fabra JM.
Accession Number: I29092.

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[New technologies and people with disability].
Author(s): Garcia Bilboa A; Rodriguez Porrero Miret C.
Accession Number: I6464.

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[COTEC's Documents about technological needs: Sector of Assistive Technology].
Author(s): Garcia V; Herrera T.
Accession Number: I6466.

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[Mechanical ventilation in acute cervical spinal cord injuries].
Author(s): Romero Ganuza J; La Banda Brusi F; Garcia Leoni ME; Gambarruta de Shore C.
Accession Number: I13209.

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Accession Number: I.