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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with disabilities: Research findings.
Accession Number: O22934.

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Disability‑inclusive employment, cancer survivorship, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Author(s): Blanck, Peter.
Accession Number: J88381.

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Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom: Employment status following traumatic amputation.
Author(s): Hawley, Carolyn E.; Armstrong, Amy J.; Darter, Benjamin J.; Sima, Adam; Fields, Kevin.
Accession Number: J91028.

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Service needs assessment of employment-related soft skills for transition age youth with disabilities.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Oursler, Janice; Gao, Ni; Herrick, Samantha J.; Mariani, Jake; Socha, Crystal; Beninato, John.
Accession Number: J88229.

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Anticipating the outcomes: How young adults with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health conditions make decisions about disclosure of their mental health conditions at work.
Author(s): Schwartz, Ariel E.; Corey, Jesse; Duff, Jenna; Herer, Alix; Rogers, E.Sally.
Accession Number: J89484.

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Disability phenotypes and job accommodations utilization among people with physical disability.
Author(s): Su, Han; Wong, Jasin; Kudla, Angelika; Park, Mirang; Trierweiler, Robert; Capraro, Pamela; Crown, Deborah; Ezeife, Nnaemezie; Tomazin, Stephanie; Munsell, Elizabeth G. S.; Heinemann, Allen W..
Accession Number: J90522.

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Employment consequences of COVID‑19 for people with disabilities and employers.
Author(s): Wong, Jasin; Ezeife, Nnaemezie; Kudla, Angelika; Crown, Deborah; Trierweiler, Robert; Capraro, Pamela; Tomazin, Stephanie; Su, Han; Pham, Tri; Heinemann, Allen W..
Accession Number: J88233.

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What you should know about COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and other EEO laws.
Accession Number: O22511.

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Understanding the impact of isolation due to COVID-19 on employment for Kentuckians with spinal cord injuries.
Author(s): Adams, Chithra; Lobianco, Anthony; Moseley, Emily; Fitzpatrick, Calisa.
Accession Number: J85660.

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Assessing employers’ stigmatizing attitudes toward people with disabilities: A brief report.
Author(s): Bezyak, Jill; Iwanaga, Kanako; Moser, Erin; Chan, Fong.
Accession Number: J86237.

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The road to work: Youth with disabilities and their views on employment and the ADA.
Author(s): Fabian, Ellen; Havewala, Mazneen; Deschamps, Ann; Owens, Laura; Horton, Nancy.
Accession Number: J89274.

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Identifying the job accommodation needs of American workers with mid-career neurological disabilities: A multiple case study investigation.
Author(s): Rumrill, Phillip; Rumrill, Stuart; Sheppard-Jones, Kathy; Rumrill, Amy; Graham-Smith, Michelle; Curry, Bethaney; Wiley, Lakyn; Fisher, Eden; Kabeya, Arsene; Adams, Chithra; Espinosa-Bard, Christina; Jones, Jason.
Accession Number: J87603.

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Effective job supports to improve employment outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.
Author(s): Seagraves, Kayli.
Accession Number: J88117.

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Evidence-based job retention interventions for people with disabilities: A narrative literature review.
Author(s): Thomas, Faith; Morgan, Robert L..
Accession Number: J86231.

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COVID-19 and job applicants and employees with disabilities: Emerging practices to employ and protect workers.
Accession Number: O22291.

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What you should know about COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and other EEO laws.
Accession Number: O22360.

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A qualitative analysis of employer perspectives on the hiring and employment of adults with autism spectrum disorder.
Author(s): Albright, Jordan; Kuloka, Sydney; Scarpa, Angela.
Accession Number: J84500.

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Factors affecting employment after burn injury in the United States: A burn model system national database investigation.
Author(s): Carrougher, Gretchen J.; Bamer, Alyssa M.; Mandell, Samuel P.; Brych, Sabina; Schneider, Jeffrey C.; Ryan, Colleen M.; Kowalske, Karen; Esselman, Peter C.; Gibran, Nicole S..
Accession Number: J82943.

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Dual perspectives in autism spectrum disorders and employment: Toward a better fit in the workplace.
Author(s): Diener, Marissa L.; Wright, Cheryl A.; Taylor, Carly; D’Astous, Valerie; Lasrich, Lauren.
Accession Number: J85598.

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Gig workers with disabilities: Opportunities, challenges, and regulatory response.
Author(s): Harpur, Paul; Blanck, Peter.
Accession Number: J85061.

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