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International Cooperation in Education for Students with Visual Impairments: A Status Report on a Global Perspective of the Educational Leadership Program in the United States.
Author(s): Lee Shin-young.
Accession Number: I248517.

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Authorship of Digital Games by Children with and without Disabilities in the General Education Classroom.
Author(s): Adriana Gomes ALVES; Regina Célia Linhares HOSTINS; Nicole Migliorini MAGAGNIN.
Accession Number: I248107.

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Perspectives of Students with Disabilities about Facilitators and Barriers at Public Universities in Mato Grosso do Sul.
Author(s): Aline Maira da SILVA; Etiene Paula da Silva DINIZ.
Accession Number: I248151.

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Opportunities to Learn Mathematics for Students with Intellectual Disability in Special Education Schools.
Author(s): Andrea Cáceres GUZMÁN; Chenda Ramírez VEGA; Constanza San Martín ULLOA; Francisco Rojas SATELER; María Victoria Martínez VIDELA; Vanessa Vega CORDOVA; Ximena Paniagua OLAVARRÍA.
Accession Number: I248147.

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Regular participation in physical activity among youth with physical disabilities. An interview study.
Author(s): Berit Gjessing; Reidun Jahnsen.
Accession Number: I247832.

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Pedagogical Intervention for the Cognitive and Moral Development of Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities in a Special School.
Author(s): Carla Luciane Blum VESTENA; Carla Maria de SCHIPPER.
Accession Number: I248149.

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Influences on teaching proficiency and reorganization of the curriculum of teachers in special schools for students with physical disabilities based on students’ individual differences and learning abilities.
Author(s): Choi, Hyun-Suk.
Accession Number: I247121.

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One-year prognosis of non-traumatic cortical subarachnoid haemorrhage: Aprospective series of 34 patients.
Author(s): G. Fortea; A. Pampliega Pérez; A.V. Sánchez Cruz; C. Soriano; D. Geffner Sclarsky; M.T. Pérez Salda˜na; N. López Hernández; R.F. Galiano Blancart; S. Martí; V. Parkhutik.
Accession Number: I246899.

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The Status of Development of Common State Alternate Achievement Standards and Alternate Assessment System for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities in the United States.
Author(s): Hiroki YONEDA; Miharu MIKI.
Accession Number: I247982.

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Homonym Comprehension and Definition of School-Aged Children with Language Learning Disabilities in First to Third Grades.
Author(s): Jin-Dong Kim; Hyun-jin Chang; Hyo-Seong Park.
Accession Number: I248318.

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A Case Study on the Effect of Vocabulary Intervention Program Based on Morphological Awareness of Children with Language Learning Disability.
Author(s): Kyunghee Jung; Ji-yeong Oh.
Accession Number: I248554.

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Comparison between Parents and Teachers Assessment of Language Development for Infants: 18-35 Months.
Author(s): Kyunghee Jung; Yun-hee Kim,.
Accession Number: I247499.

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A Study on the Students’ Perception towards Post-High School Specialized Program.
Author(s): Park, Heechan; Ko, Kyong-Eun.
Accession Number: I246964.

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Analysis on the Characteristics and Quality Level of Mathematics Intervention Studies for Students with Disabilities.
Author(s): Seo, You-Jin.
Accession Number: I246994.

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Screening of the At Risk Secondary Students with Reading Disabilities in the K District.
Author(s): Hwang, Soonyoung; Jung, Eunju; Kim, Ae Hwa; Kim, Ja Kyoung; Kim, Ui Jung.
Accession Number: I247046.

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Comparison of Language Problem Solving Ability’s Sub-elements between Students with Learning Disabilities and Students with Intellectual Disabilities.
Author(s): Ja-kyoung Kim; Ki-ju Kim; Sung-wook Jang.
Accession Number: I247503.

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Empirical Demands of Teachers in Charge of Improving the Education of Students with Multiple Disabilities in Schools for the Blind.
Author(s): Kang, Kyung-Ho; Lee, Shinl-Young.
Accession Number: I247082.

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Class Status for Students with Severe-multiple Disabilities and Perceptions of Special Education Teachers.
Author(s): Kim, Eun-Ra; Park, Jae-Kook; Park, Sun-Mi.
Accession Number: I247014.

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Meta-Analysis of Geometry Intervention for Students with Intellectual disabilities, learning difficulties and learning disabilities.
Author(s): Koh, Hye-Jung; Cho, Young-Hee.
Accession Number: I247143.

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Research trends on children with learning disabilities who have difficulty acquiring kanji writing skills.
Author(s): Kumagai K; Onishi S.
Accession Number: I248034.

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