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Are pregnant women with disability prescribed opioids more and at higher dosages than those without disability?: A retrospective cohort study of South Carolina Medicaid beneficiaries.
Author(s): Richard, Chelsea L.; Love, Bryan L.; Boghossian, Nansi; Hardin, James; McDermott, Suzanne.
Accession Number: J89828.

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Implementing accessible airport lactation areas – friendly airports for mothers (FAM) act.
Accession Number: O22679.

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PODER news: Promoting obesity prevention among children with developmental disabilities and families through engaged research.
Accession Number: O22503.

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Pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes among women who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Author(s): Mitra, Monika; McKee, Michael M.; Akobirshoev, Ilhom; Valentine, Anne; Ritter, Grant; Zhang, Jianying; McKee, Kimberly; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J83515.

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Postpartum emergency department use among women with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A retrospective cohort study.
Author(s): Mitra, Monika; Akobirshoev, Ilhom; Parish, Susan L.; Valentine, Anne; Clements, Karen M.; Moore Simas, Tiffany A..
Accession Number: J83516.

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Do disability, parenthood, and gender matter for health disparities?: A US population-based study.
Author(s): Namkung, Eun H.; Mitra, Monika; Nicholson, Joanne.
Accession Number: J82422.

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Randomized controlled trial of an internet-based educational intervention for mothers with mental illnesses: An 18-month follow-up.
Author(s): O’Shea, Amber; Kaplan, Katy; Solomon, Phyllis; Salzer, Mark S..
Accession Number: J82526.

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Adaptive parenting strategies used by mothers with physical disabilities caring for infants and toddlers.
Author(s): Powell, Robyn M.; Mitra, Monika; Smeltzer, Suzanne C.; Long-Bellil, Linda M.; Smith, Lauren D.; Rosenthal, Eliana; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J80524.

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Birth outcomes among US women with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Akobirshoev, Ilhorn; Parish, Susan L.; Mitra, Monika; Rosenthal, Eliana.
Accession Number: J76453.

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The health and economic well-being of US mothers with intellectual impairments.
Author(s): Powell, Robyn M.; Parish, Susan L.; Akobirshoev, Ilhom.
Accession Number: J78528.

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Association between maternal body mass index in early pregnancy and incidence of cerebral palsy.
Author(s): Villamor, Eduardo; Tedroff, Kristina; Peterson, Mark; Johansson, Stefan; Neovius, Martin; Petersson, Gunnar; Cnattingius, Sven.
Accession Number: J78515.

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Birth outcomes among U.S. women with hearing loss.
Author(s): Mitra, Monika; Akobirshoev, Ilhom; McKee, Michael M.; Iezzoni, Lisa I..
Accession Number: J75316.

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Breastfeeding behaviors in children later diagnosed with autism.
Accession Number: O20403.

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Racial and ethnic disparities in educational achievement and aspirations: Findings from a statewide survey from 1998 to 2010.
Author(s): Nitardy, Charlotte M.; Duke, Naomi N.; Pettingell, Sandra L.; Borowsky, Iris W..
Accession Number: J74074.