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A challenging yet motivating journey: The experiences of young adult parents with serious mental health conditions in the USA.
Author(s): Sabella, Kathryn; Baczko, Amanda; Lane, Ian A.; Golden, Laura; Pici-D’Ottavio, Emma; O’Neill, Murron.
Accession Number: J89428.

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Child–parent–provider interactions of a child with complex communication needs in an inpatient rehabilitation facility: A pilot study.
Author(s): Gormley, Jessica; Light, Janice.
Accession Number: J86389.

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Parents taking action: Reducing disparities through a culturally informed intervention for Latinx parents of children with autism.
Author(s): Lopez, Kristina; Magana, Sandra; Morales, Miguel; Iland, Emily.
Accession Number: J80525.

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Adapting an education program for parents of children with autism from the United States to Colombia.
Author(s): Magaña, Sandy; Hughes, Marie T.; Salkasb, Kristen Marisol; Angarita, Marisol M..
Accession Number: J80848.

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A randomized waitlist-control group study of a culturally tailored parent education intervention for Latino parents of children with ASD.
Author(s): Magaña, Sandy; Lopez, Kristina; Salkas, Kristin; Iland, Emily; Morales, Miguel A.; Torres, Mariana G.; Zeng, Weiwen; Machalicek, Wendy.
Accession Number: J82204.

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Randomized controlled trial of an internet-based educational intervention for mothers with mental illnesses: An 18-month follow-up.
Author(s): O’Shea, Amber; Kaplan, Katy; Solomon, Phyllis; Salzer, Mark S..
Accession Number: J82526.

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Longitudinal impact of a randomized clinical trial to improve family function, reduce maternal stress and improve child outcomes in families of children with ADHD.
Author(s): Churchill, Shervin S.; Leo, Michael C.; Brennan, Eileen M.; Sellmaier, Claudia; Kendall, Judy; Houck, Gail M..
Accession Number: J78291.

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Associations between early intervention home visits, family relationships and competence for mothers of children with developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Crossman, Morgan K.; Warfield, Marji E.; Kotelchuck, Milton; Hauser-Cram, Penny; Parish, Susan L..
Accession Number: J78967.

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Perceptions of family problems and pessimism among Latina and non-Latina white mothers raising children with autism spectrum disorder.
Author(s): Lopez, Kristina; Magaña, Sandy.
Accession Number: J78966.

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Mother's reaction to autism diagnosis: A qualitative analysis comparing Latino and White parents.
Author(s): Lopez, Kristina; Su, Yue; Magaña, Sandy; Guzman, Jessica.
Accession Number: J78970.

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Padres en Acción: A parent education program for Latino parents of children with ASD.
Author(s): Magaña, Sandy; Machalicek, Wendy; Lopez, Kristina; Iland, Emily.
Accession Number: J80988.

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Professional insights into managing pregnancy after spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Brown, Amie; Troncale, Jan; Hilton, Whitney Pearson, Thomas Carter, Randie.
Accession Number: O21071.

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Mothers with physical disabilities caring for young children.
Author(s): Jacob, Jean; Kirshbaum, Megan; Preston, Paul.
Accession Number: J75920.

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Behavioural and cognitive outcomes in young children of mothers with intellectual impairments.
Author(s): Powell, R. M.; Parish, S. L..
Accession Number: J76541.

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Family caregiving of aging adults with Down syndrome.
Author(s): Hodapp, Robert M.; Burke, Meghan M.; Finley, Crystal I.; Urbano, Richard C..
Accession Number: J76671.

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Finding fit between work and family responsibilities when caring for children with ADHD diagnoses.
Author(s): Sellmaier, Claudia; Leo, Michael C.; Brennan, Eileen M.; Kendall, Judy; Houck, Gail M..
Accession Number: J75089.

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Integrating the ICF with positive psychology: Factors predicting role participation for mothers with multiple sclerosis.
Accession Number: J71983.

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Improving health behaviours of Latina mothers of youths and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Magana, S.; Li, H.; Miranda, E.; Paradiso de Sayu, R..
Accession Number: J70886.

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Pregnancy outcomes among women with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Mitra, Monika; Parish, Susan L.; Clements, Karen M.; Cui, Xiaohui; Diop, Hafsatou.
Accession Number: J73636.

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Availability of state-based obesity surveillance data on high school students with disabilities in the United States.
Author(s): Yamaki, Kiyoshi; Lowry, Brienne D.; Buscaj, Emilie; Zisko, Leigh; Rimmer, James H..
Accession Number: J74375.

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