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People with disabilities online engagement during COVID-19.
Author(s): Anderson, Raeda; Usmanov, George; Thompson, Nicole; Morris, John.
Accession Number: J90611.

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Promoting self-determination in community contexts: Experiences with implementing the self-determined learning model of instruction.
Author(s): Dean, Evan E.; Hagiwara, Mayumi; Jones, Jennifer; Gallus, Kami; Shogren, Karrie A..
Accession Number: J88848.

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Social-emotional learning and motivational interviews with middle school youth with disabilities or at-risk for disability identification.
Author(s): Forber-Pratt, Anjali J.; Hanebutt, Rachel; Minotti, Bradley; Cobb, Nicole A.; Peagram, Kortney.
Accession Number: J89601.

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Student confidence in providing healthcare to adults with intellectual disability: implications for health profession curricula.
Author(s): Golub-Victor, Ann C.; Peterson, Brianna; Calderon, Jessica; Dias Lopes, Alexandre; Fitzpatrick, Diane F..
Accession Number: J90772.

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Facilitating sharing and re-use of accessibility datasets: Benefits and risks.
Author(s): Kamikubo, Rie.
Accession Number: O22943.

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Socially assistive robotics and older family caregivers of young adults with intellectual and developmental Disabilities (IDD): A pilot study exploring respite, acceptance, and usefulness.
Author(s): Xu, Ling; Fields, Noelle L.; Greer, Julienne A.; Tamplain, Priscila M.; Bricout, John C.; Sharma, Bonita; Doelling, Kristen L..
Accession Number: J90260.

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Disability, technology based communication, and loneliness.
Author(s): Anderson, Raeda K.; Morris, John T.; Thompson, Nicole A.; Lippincott, Ben R..
Accession Number: J89261.

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Using machine learning to predict patterns of employment and day program participation.
Author(s): Broda, Michael D.; Bogenschutz, Matthew; Dinora, Parthenia; Prohn, Seb M.; Lineberry, Sarah; Ross, Erica.
Accession Number: J87880.

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Personalization of patient–provider communication across the life span.
Author(s): Gormley, Jessica; Fager, Susan K..
Accession Number: J87694.

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The effects of COVID-19 restrictions on physical activity and mental health of children and young adults with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.
Author(s): Theis, Nicola; Campbell, Natalie; De Leeuw, Julie; Owen, Marie; Schenke, Kimberley C..
Accession Number: J86939.

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Evidence-based job retention interventions for people with disabilities: A narrative literature review.
Author(s): Thomas, Faith; Morgan, Robert L..
Accession Number: J86231.

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Survey of user needs: eGaming and people with disabilities.
Author(s): Thompson, Nicole A.; Ehrhardt, Nicholas; Lippincott, Ben R.; Anderson, Raeda K.; Morris, John T..
Accession Number: J89262.

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Multifaceted interventions show limited impact on community participation among adults with disabilities.
Author(s): Gross, Judith M.S.; Monroe-Gulick, Amalia; Davidson-Gibbs, Debbie; Nye, Chad.
Accession Number: J84581.

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Learning about and qualifying for home and community-based services waivers: Families’ perspectives and experiences.
Author(s): Carlson, Sarah R.; Wilt, Courtney L..
Accession Number: J84062.

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Initial factor exploration of disability identity.
Author(s): Forber-Pratt, Anjali J.; Merrin, Gabriel J.; Mueller, Carlyn O.; Price, Larry R.; Kettrey, Heather H..
Accession Number: J83203.

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Multifaceted interventions for supporting community participation among adults with disabilities: A systematic review.
Author(s): Gross, Judith M. S.; Monroe‐Gulick, Amalia; Nye, Chad; Davidson‐Gibbs, Debbie; Dedrick, Devin.
Accession Number: J84418.

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Technology and social media use by adult patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Patrick, Patricia A.; Obermeyer, Izel; Xenakis, Jason; Crocitto, Doug; O'Hara, David M..
Accession Number: J82772.

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CVT Connect: Creating safe and accessible social media for people with learning disabilities.
Author(s): Williams, Peter; Gibson, Philip.
Accession Number: J84286.

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Literacy interventions for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the inclusive postsecondary education settings: A review of a program of research.
Author(s): Hua, Youjia; Woods-Groves, Suzanne; Yuan, Chengan.
Accession Number: J84754.

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A review of employment outcome measures in vocational research involving adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Author(s): Di Rezze, Briano; Viveiros, Helena; Pop, Ruxandra; Rampton, Glenn.
Accession Number: J79348.

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