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Stress reduction interventions for patients with chronic diabetic foot ulcers: A qualitative study into patients and caregivers' perceptions.
Author(s): Pereira, M. Graça; Pedras, Susana; Louro, André; Lopes, Alberto; Vilaça, Margarida.
Accession Number: J91253.

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Feasibility and acceptability of the resilient living program among persons with stroke or brain tumor and their family caregivers.
Author(s): Rhudy, Lori M.; Hines, Emily A.; Farr, Ellen M.; Esterov, Dmitry; Chesak, Sherry S..
Accession Number: J91330.

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2021 profile of older Americans.
Accession Number: O23043.

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Listening to families with a person with neurodegenerative disease talk about their quality of life: Integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches.
Author(s): Aza, Alba; Gómez‑Vela, María; Badia, Marta; Orgaz, M. Begoña; González‑Ortega, Eva; Vicario‑Molina, Isabel; Montes‑López, Estrella.
Accession Number: J89231.

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Attitudes toward and perceived communicative competence of individuals with aphasia using speech-generating devices.
Author(s): Brock, Kris L.; Koul, Rajinder; Corwin, Melinda; Schlosser, Ralf W..
Accession Number: J90403.

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Personal care aides: Assessing self-care needs and worker shortages in rural areas.
Author(s): Chapman, Susan A.; Greiman, Lillie; Bates, Timothy; Wagner, Laura M.; Lissau, Ari; Toivanen-Atilla, Kirsi; Sage, Rayna.
Accession Number: J90214.

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Coping, social support, and caregiver well-being with families living with SCI: A mixed methods study.
Author(s): Espino, Susan L. R.; O’Rourke, Kerry; Kelly, Erin H.; January, Alicia M.; Vogel, Lawrence C..
Accession Number: J88345.

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La mayoría de las personas con discapacidades intelectuales o de desarrollo que reciben ayudas a largo plazo viven con un familiar.
Author(s): Genjang, Nevil; Anderson, Lynda L.; Larson, Sheryl A..
Accession Number: O23062.

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Most people with IDD getting long-term supports live with a family member.
Author(s): Genjang, Nevil; Anderson, Lynda L.; Larson, Sheryl A..
Accession Number: O23061.

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African American Alzheimer's Caregiver Training and Support Project 2 (ACTS2) pilot study: Outcomes analysis.
Author(s): Glueckauf, Robert L.; Kazmer, Michelle M.; Nowakowski, Alexandra C. H.; Wang, Yuxia; Thelusma, Naomi; Williams, Dominique; McGill-Scarlett, Cordy; Lampe, Nik M.; Norton-Brown, Tomeka; Davis, W. Shuford; Sharma, Dinesh; Willis, Floyd B..
Accession Number: J90893.

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Impact of culture, spirituality, and mental health attitudes on intergenerational Asian-American caregivers: A pilot study.
Author(s): Huang, Yan-hua; Nagao, Ciara A.; Santos, Kelsey M. B.; Werchowsky, Madison I..
Accession Number: J88678.

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Compound caregiving: Toward a research agenda.
Author(s): Lee, Chung Eun; Burke, Meghan M.; Perkins, Elizabeth A..
Accession Number: J88860.

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Reduced care burden and improved quality of life in African American family caregivers: Positive impact of personalized assistive technology.
Author(s): Parker, Monica W.; Davis, Crystal; White, Kaylin; Johnson, Devon; Golden, Matt; Zola, Stuart.
Accession Number: J88605.

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Impacts of a robotic arm on people with upper-limb disabilities due to neuromuscular disorder.
Author(s): Routhier, François; Lettre, Josiane; Bouffard, Jason; Archambault, Philippe; Lemay, Martin; Gélinas, Isabelle.
Accession Number: J89867.

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Family caregivers navigating the health care system: Evolving roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Semere, Wagahta; Makaroun, Lena K.; Beach, Scott; Schillinger, Dean; Rosland, Ann-Marie.
Accession Number: J89068.

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Socially assistive robotics and older family caregivers of young adults with intellectual and developmental Disabilities (IDD): A pilot study exploring respite, acceptance, and usefulness.
Author(s): Xu, Ling; Fields, Noelle L.; Greer, Julienne A.; Tamplain, Priscila M.; Bricout, John C.; Sharma, Bonita; Doelling, Kristen L..
Accession Number: J90260.

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Overview of older Americans act title III programs: 2018 summary of highlights and accomplishments.
Accession Number: O22694.

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Revealing the invisible emotion work of caregivers: A photovoice exploration of informal care provided by family caregivers for post-9/11 veterans with traumatic brain injuries.
Author(s): Abraham, Traci H.; Ono, Sarah S.; Moriarty, Helene; Winter, Laraine; Bender, Ryan E. Facundo, Ray; True, Gala.
Accession Number: J85815.

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The journey of recovery: Caregivers’ perspectives from a hip fracture telerehabilitation clinical trial.
Author(s): Ariza-Vega, Patrocinio; Castillo-Pérez, Herminia; Ortiz-Piña, Mariana; Ziden, Lena; Palomino-Vidal, Jerónimo; Ashe, Maureen C..
Accession Number: J86509.

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Family caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Beach, Scott R.; Schulz, Richard; Donovan, Heidi; Rosland, Ann-Marie.
Accession Number: J86246.

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