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Factors contributing to employment status over time for caregivers of young people with mental health disorders.
Author(s): Brannan, Ana M.; Brennan, Eileen M.; Sellmaier, Claudia; Rosenzweig, Julie M..
Accession Number: J91192.

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A challenging yet motivating journey: The experiences of young adult parents with serious mental health conditions in the USA.
Author(s): Sabella, Kathryn; Baczko, Amanda; Lane, Ian A.; Golden, Laura; Pici-D’Ottavio, Emma; O’Neill, Murron.
Accession Number: J89428.

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Supporting parents of transition age youths with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Findings from a Facebook group using tools from Charting the LifeCourse.
Author(s): Bose, Jennifer; Timmons, Jaimie; Hall, Allison; Shepard, John.
Accession Number: O22742.

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Policy implications, eligibility, and demographic characteristics of people with intellectual disability who access self-directed funding in the United States.
Author(s): Cherry, Elizabeth; Stancliffe, Roger J.; Emerson, Eric; Ticha, Renata.
Accession Number: J86191.

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Child–parent–provider interactions of a child with complex communication needs in an inpatient rehabilitation facility: A pilot study.
Author(s): Gormley, Jessica; Light, Janice.
Accession Number: J86389.

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Adapting intervention approaches to new contexts: Three case studies of international adaptation of the teen online problem solving (TOPS) program.
Author(s): Wade, Shari L.; Jones, Kelly M.; Corti, Claudia; Adlam, Anna R.; Limond, Jennifer; Bardoni, Alessandra; Gies, Lisa M..
Accession Number: J88287.

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El regreso a la escuela después de una lesión importante por quemadura.
Author(s): Friedlander, Lynne; Wiechman, Shelley.
Accession Number: O22624.

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Going back to school after burn injury.
Author(s): Friedlander, Lynne; Wiechman, Shelley.
Accession Number: O22623.

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Facing double jeopardy: The transition experiences of Latina family caregivers of young adults with disabilities living in a rural community.
Author(s): Grace L. Francis, PhD1 , Judith M. S. Gross, PhD2,; Carlos E. Lavín, MA1, Lu Ankely Casarez Velazquez, BA3,; and Nicholas Sheets,.
Accession Number: J83231.

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Can a couples’ intervention reduce unmet needs and caregiver burden after brain injury?.
Author(s): Graham, Kristin M.; Kreutzer, Jeffrey S.; Jennifer H. Marwitz, Sima, Adam P.; Hsu, Nancy H..
Accession Number: J82660.

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The effects of an online training on preservice speech-language pathologists’ use of family-centered skills.
Author(s): Mandak, Kelsey; Light, Janice; McNaughton, David.
Accession Number: J86400.

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Risk factors associated with child protective services involvement among parents with a serious mental illness.
Author(s): Ostrow, Laysha; Kaplan, Katy; Zisman-Ilani, Yaara; Brusilovskiy, Eugene; Smith, Carina; Salzer, Mark S..
Accession Number: J84709.

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One-year comparison of a community-based exercise program versus a day hospital-based exercise program on quality of life and mental health in severely burned children.
Author(s): Pena, Raquel; Suman, Oscar E.; Rosenberg, Marta; Andersen, Clark R.; Herndon, David N.; Meyer, Walter J..
Accession Number: J82937.

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Custody challenges experienced by parents with serious mental illnesses outside of child protective services proceedings.
Author(s): Salzer, Mark S.; Berg, Kristin L.; Kaplan, Katy; Brusilovskiy, Eugene.
Accession Number: J84885.

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Telepsychotherapy with children and families: Lessons gleaned from two decades of translational research.
Author(s): Wade, Shari L.; Gies, Lisa M.; Fisher, Allison P.; Moscato, Emily L.; Adlam, Anna R.; Bardoni, Alessandra; Corti, Claudia; Limond, Jennifer; Modi, Avani C.; Williams, Tricia.
Accession Number: J85866.

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Lessons learned from a blended telephone/e-health platform for caregivers in promoting physical activity and nutrition in children with a mobillity disability.
Author(s): Wingo, Brooks C.; Yang, Dershung; Davis, Drew; Padalabalanarayanan, Sangeetha; Hopson, Betsy; Thirumalai, Mohanraj; Rimmer, James H..
Accession Number: J82762.

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For families or caregivers: Self-care is putting on YOUR oxygen mask first.
Accession Number: O22018.

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Caregiver differences across race and ethnicity.
Author(s): Anderson, Lynda L..
Accession Number: O22010.

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College experiences can foster both student self-determination and VR support.
Author(s): Blackburn, Nerlie; Domin, Daria; Hart, Debra.
Accession Number: O22168.

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Adapted motor-assisted elliptical for rehabilitation of children with physical disabilities.
Author(s): Burnfield, Judith M.; Buster, Thad W.; Pfeifer, Chase M.; Irons, Sonya L.; Cesar, Guilherme M.; Nelson, Carl A..
Accession Number: J80340.

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