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To connect and educate: Why families engage in family professional partnership training experiences.
Author(s): Baumann, Stephanie D.; Ronkin, Emily; Roach, Andrew T.; Crenshaw, Mark; Graybill, Emily C.; Crimmins, Daniel B..
Accession Number: J90178.

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An integrative review of the potential of wireless assistive technologies and internet of things (IoT) to improve accessibility to education for students with disabilities.
Author(s): Bright, Dara.
Accession Number: J90642.

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Online learning and COVID-19: Exploring digital accessibility.
Author(s): Brown, Justin; Permvattana, Ruchi; Hollier, Scott; McKee, Jason.
Accession Number: J90599.

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Understanding medical students' attitudes towards and experiences with persons with disabilities and disability education.
Author(s): Chardavoyne, Paige C.; Henry, April M.; Forte, Karin S..
Accession Number: J88666.

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Literacy learning among students with complex support needs in postsecondary education programs: A scoping literature review.
Author(s): Copeland, Susan R.; Zagona, Alison L..
Accession Number: J89614.

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Teaching virtual job interview skills to college students with IDD using literacy-based behavioral interventions.
Author(s): Downey, Angelica; Torres, Ayse; Kearney, Kelly B.; Brady, Michael P.; Katz, Joshua.
Accession Number: J88737.

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AT services during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Edyburn, Dave (Ed.).
Accession Number: R09593.

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Understanding the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on assistive technology services.
Author(s): Edyburn, Dave; Howard, Erin L..
Accession Number: J90576.

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Vocabulary acquisition by multilingual students with extensive support needs during shared reading.
Author(s): Frates, Adriana; Spooner, Fred; Collins, Belva C.; Running Bear, Candi.
Accession Number: J90445.

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Specially designed instruction of early numeracy in the inclusive elementary classroom for students with extensive support needs.
Author(s): Jimenez, Bree A.; Barron, Tammy.
Accession Number: J90186.

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Seeking out social learning: Online self-education in parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Karns, Christina M.; Todis, Bonnie; Glenn, Elizabeth; Glang, Ann; Wade, Shari L.; Riddle, Ilka; McIntyre, Laura L..
Accession Number: J90177.

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Virtual parent education on assistive technology: Pandemic lessons learned.
Author(s): Kohlmeyer, Kirsten M.; Edyburn, Dave L..
Accession Number: J90578.

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Learning with ADHD: A review of technologies and strategies.
Author(s): Kumaresan, Melissa; McCardle, Lindsay; Chandrashekar, Sambhavi; Karakus, Ece; Furness, Colin.
Accession Number: J90610.

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Observing inclusion in STEM classes: Academic and social participation of students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Author(s): Kuntz, Emily M.; Carter, Erik W.; Cassady, Kaitlyn; Knight, Victoria F..
Accession Number: J88845.

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Disability eligibility patterns in head start programs: A comparison of Puerto Rico and the United States.
Author(s): Martinez-Torres, Keysha A.; Camarata, Stephen.
Accession Number: J89615.

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Advancing employment for secondary learners with disabilities through CTE policy and practice.
Author(s): McKay, Colleen E.; Ellison, Marsha Langer; Narkewicz, Emma L.
Accession Number: O22995.

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Youth leaders with learning disabilities and their decision to enroll in higher education.
Author(s): McNaught, John; Pope, Elizabeth M..
Accession Number: J90844.

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Creating accessible infographics: Describing scientific data in ways everyone can understand.
Author(s): Monroe, K. James; Morrison, Valerie.
Accession Number: J90587.

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Building an effective model to disseminate accessible COVID-19 guidance.
Author(s): Persaud, Elizabeth; Phillips, Carolyn P.; Redmon, Patricia.
Accession Number: J90591.

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Are you listening? Parental protective factors and early onset drinking among students with disabilities in Delaware.
Author(s): Ryding, Rachel; Scales, Meisje J.; Brittingham, Rochelle; Holz, Dana.
Accession Number: J89827.

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