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Psychometric properties of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) checklist for DSM-5 in persons with serious mental illness.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Yanos, Philip T.; Waynor, William; Jia, Yuane; Siriram, Amanda; Leong, Alyssa; Gill, Kenneth; Mueser, Kim T..
Accession Number: J88647.

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I feel frozen: Client perceptions of how posttraumatic stress disorder impacts employment.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Bates, Francine M.; Waynor, William R.; Bazan, Carolyn; Gao, Carol E.; Yanos, Philip T..
Accession Number: J86804.

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The positive impact of neurofeedback for veterans with PTSD: Implications for rehabilitation counseling.
Author(s): McReynolds, Connie J.; Yalamanchili, Priyanka.
Accession Number: J88121.

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Predicting veteran health-related quality of life following mild traumatic brain injury.
Author(s): Sakamoto, McKenna S.; Delano-Wood, Lisa; Schiehser, Dawn M.; Merritt, Victoria C..
Accession Number: J88298.

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Factors distinguishing veterans participating in supported education services from veterans on campus: Evidence supporting modifiable intervention targets.
Author(s): Kinney, Adam R.; Graham, James E.; Eakman, Aaron M..
Accession Number: J84997.

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Expanding individual placement and support to populations with conditions and disorders other than serious mental illness.
Author(s): Bond, Gary R.; Drake, Robert E.; Pogue, Jacqueline A..
Accession Number: J82250.

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Veterans individual placement and support towards advancing recovery: Methods and baseline clinical characteristics of a multisite study.
Author(s): David, Lori L.; Kyriakides, Tassos C.; Suris, Alina; Ottomanelli, Lisa; Drake, Robert E.; Parker, Pamela E.; Mueller, Lisa; Rednick, Sandra G.; Toscano, Richard; Blansett, Catherine M.; McCall, Kimberly P.; Huang, Grant D..
Accession Number: J79186.

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Posttraumatic stress disorder after spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Cao, Yue; Li, Chao; Newman, Susan; Lucas, Jasmine; Charlifue, Susan; Krause, James S..
Accession Number: J76386.

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From homelessness to employment: Perceptions of OEF and OIF veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.
Author(s): Hayes, Paul J.; Degeneffe, Charles E.; Olney, Marjorie F.; Tucker, Mark S..
Accession Number: J77865.

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The hidden barrier to employment: Untreated and undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Yanos, Philip T.; Stone, Brittany; Giocobbe, Giovanna R.; Waynor, William; Reilly, Ann; Bazan, Carolyn.
Accession Number: J79339.

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Hospital delirium and psychological distress at 1 year and health-related quality of life after moderate-to-severe traumatic injury without intracranial hemorrhage.
Author(s): Abraham, Christine M.; Obremskey, William T.; Song, Yanna; Jackson, James C.; Ely, Wesley; Archer, Kristin R..
Accession Number: J70233.

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Receipt of employment services among veterans health administration users with psychiatric diagnoses.
Author(s): Abraham, Kristen M.; Ganoczy, Dara; Yosef, Matheos; Resnick, Sandra G.; Zivin, Kara.
Accession Number: J69484.

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Impact of social challenges on gaining employment for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: An exploratory moderator analysis.
Author(s): Davis, Lori L.; Pilkinton, Patricia; Poddar, Swati; Blansett, Catherine; Toscano, Richard; Parker, Pamela E..
Accession Number: J69286.

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A randomized controlled trial of supported employment among veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder.
Author(s): Davis, Lori L.; Leon, Andrew C.; Toscano, Richard; Drebing, Charles E.; Ward, L. Charles; Parker, Pamela E.; Kashner, T. Michael; Drake, Robert E..
Accession Number: J63833.

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Work-related outcomes among female veterans and service members after treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder.
Author(s): Schnurr, Paula P.; Lunney, Carole A..
Accession Number: J65244.

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Special issue: Veterans with disabilities.
Author(s): Satcher, Jamie (Ed.).
Accession Number: R09114.

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Relationships between sequelae of injury, participation, and quality of life in survivors of terrorist attacks.
Author(s): Tuchner, Maya; Meiner, Zeev; Parush, Shula; Hartman-Maeir, Adina.
Accession Number: J57968.

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Posttraumatic stress disorder and employment in veterans participating in veterans health administration compensated work therapy.
Author(s): Resnick, Sandra G.; Rosenheck, Robert A..
Accession Number: J55389.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), life satisfaction and work personality: Exploring the relationship with disability.
Author(s): Keim, Jeanmarie; Malesky Jr., L. Alvin; Strauser, David R..
Accession Number: J46971.

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Author(s): Adkins, R H; Hume, B; Nabor, M; Waters, R L.
Accession Number: J35662.

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