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Psychological and cognitive functioning among patients receiving outpatient rehabilitation for post-COVID sequelae: An observational study.
Author(s): Abramoff, Benjamin A.; Dillingham, Timothy R.; Brown, Lily A.; Caldera, Franklin; Caldwell, Katherine M.; McLarney, Mitra; McGinley, Emily L.; Pezzin, Liliana E..
Accession Number: J90919.

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Perceived care partner burden at 1-year post-injury and associations with emotional awareness, functioning, and empathy after TBI: A TBI model systems study.
Author(s): Klyce, Daniel W.; Merced, Kritzianel; Erickson, Alexander; Neumann, Dawn M.; Hammond, Flora M.; Sander, Angelle M.; Bogner, Jennifer A.; Bushnik, Tamara; Chung, Joyce S.; Finn, Jacob A..
Accession Number: J91295.

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Risk of Parkinson disease among adults with vs without posttraumatic stress disorder.
Author(s): Barer, Yael; Chodick, Gabriel; Chodick, Nurit G.; Gurevich, Tanya.
Accession Number: J89741.

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Prevalence of secondary traumatic stress among direct support professionals in intellectual and developmental disabilities field.
Author(s): Boamah, Daniel A.; Barbee, Anita P..
Accession Number: J90175.

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Information/education page: Mental health pocket card for management of patients with posttraumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury.
Author(s): Johnston-Brooks, Catharine H.; Miles, Shannon R.; Brostow, Diana P..
Accession Number: J88478.

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Trauma exposure and prolonged grief disorder among persons receiving community mental health services: Rates and correlates.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Yanos, Philip T.; Waynor, William R.; Gao, Carol E.; Bazan, Carolyn; Giacobbe, Giovanna; Gill, Kenneth; Bullock, Deanna; Prigerson, Holly G..
Accession Number: J88645.

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Psychometric properties of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) checklist for DSM-5 in persons with serious mental illness.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Yanos, Philip T.; Waynor, William; Jia, Yuane; Siriram, Amanda; Leong, Alyssa; Gill, Kenneth; Mueser, Kim T..
Accession Number: J88647.

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Correlates of sleep disturbance in veterans with traumatic brain injury and chronic pain: A cross-sectional study.
Author(s): Miller, Megan; Williams, Rhonda; Pagulayan, Kathleen; Barber, Jason; Ehde, Dawn M.; Hoffman, Jeanne.
Accession Number: J88443.

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Prevention of posttraumatic stress during inpatient rehabilitation post spinal cord injury: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of Brief Prolonged Exposure Therapy (Brief PE).
Author(s): Powers, Mark B.; Douglas, Megan E.; Driver, Simon; Sikka, Seema; Hamilton, Rita; Swank, Chad; Callender, Librada; Ochoa, Christa; Bennett, Monica; Stewart, Neil; Chauvin, Gregory V.; Rothbaum, Barbara O.; Warren, Ann M..
Accession Number: J90561.

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Examining the association between childhood trauma, brain injury, and neurobehavioral symptoms among survivors of intimate partner violence: A cross-sectional analysis.
Author(s): Saadi, Altaf; Chibnik, Lori; Valera, Eve.
Accession Number: J89840.

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Implementation of a mobile technology–supported diaphragmatic breathing intervention in military mTBI with PTSD.
Author(s): Wallace, Tracey; Morris, John T.; Glickstein, Richard; Anderson, Raeda K.; Gore, Russell K..
Accession Number: J89963.

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The role of specific sources of social support on postinjury psychological symptoms.
Author(s): Brienza, Ashley; Suffoletto, Brian P.; Kuhn, Eric; Germain, Anne; Jaramillo, Stephany; Repine, Melissa; Callaway, Clifton W.; Pacella-LaBarbara, Maria L..
Accession Number: J88310.

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Neurobehavioral symptoms in U.S. special operations forces in rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury: A TBI model systems study.
Author(s): Garcia, Amanda; Miles, Shannon R.; Reljic, Tea; Silva, Marc A.; Dams-O’Connor, Kristen; Belanger, Heather G.; Bajor, Laura; Richardson, Risa.
Accession Number: J89811.

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Loving-kindness meditation vs cognitive processing therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder among veterans: A randomized clinical trial.
Author(s): Kearney, David J.; Malte, Carol A.; Storms, Meghan; Simpson, Tracy L..
Accession Number: J86362.

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Network analysis of neurobehavioral and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms one year after traumatic brain injury: A veterans affairs traumatic brain injury model systems study.
Author(s): Klyce, Daniel W.; West, Samuel J.; Perrin, Paul B.; Agtarap, Stephanie D.; Finn, Jacob A.; Juengst, Shannon B.; Dams-O’Connor, Kristen; Eagye, C. B.; Vargas, Tiffanie A.; Chung, Joyce, S.; Bombardier, Charles H..
Accession Number: J89342.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and pain intensity in persons with spinal cord injury.
Author(s): Kuiper, Heleen; van Leeuwen, Christel C. M.; Kopsky, David J.; Stolwijk-Swüste, Janneke M.; Post, Marcel W. M..
Accession Number: J87140.

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I feel frozen: Client perceptions of how posttraumatic stress disorder impacts employment.
Author(s): Lu, Weili; Bates, Francine M.; Waynor, William R.; Bazan, Carolyn; Gao, Carol E.; Yanos, Philip T..
Accession Number: J86804.

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Differential effects of deployment and nondeployment mild TBI on neuropsychological outcomes.
Author(s): Martindale, Sarah L. Ord, Anna S.; Lad, Sagar S.; Miskey, Holly M.; Taber, Katherine H.; Rowland, Jared A..
Accession Number: J87452.

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Mental and physical health, and long‑term quality of life among service members injured on deployment.
Author(s): McCabe, Cameron T.; Watrous, Jessica R.; Eskridge, Susan L.; Galarneau, Michael R..
Accession Number: J87547.

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The positive impact of neurofeedback for veterans with PTSD: Implications for rehabilitation counseling.
Author(s): McReynolds, Connie J.; Yalamanchili, Priyanka.
Accession Number: J88121.

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