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Evaluating person-centered factors associated with brain-computer interface access to a commercial augmentative and alternative communication paradigm.
Author(s): Pitt, Kevin M.; Brumberg, Jonathan S..
Accession Number: J90388.

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Evaluating user-personas as supplementary tools in AAC intervention and clinician decision making.
Author(s): Subrahmaniyan, Neeraja; Bisantz, Ann; Higginbotham, Jeff.
Accession Number: J90647.

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Voices from the field: Benefits of smart home technology for individuals living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Author(s): Wallock, Kristin E.; Cerny, Shana L..
Accession Number: J86585.

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SSVEP BCI and eye tracking use by individuals with late-stage ALS and visual impairments.
Author(s): Peters, Betts; Bedrick, Steven; Dudy, Shiran; Eddy, Brandon; Higger, Matt; Kinsella, Michelle; McLaughlin, Deirdre; Memmott, Tab; Oken, Barry; Quivira, Fernando; Spaulding, Scott; Erdogmus, Deniz; Fried-Oken, Melanie.
Accession Number: J86396.

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Variation in assistive technology use in motor neuron disease according to clinical phenotypes and ALS functional rating scale -- revised score: A prospective observational study.
Author(s): Connors, Karol; Mahony, Lisa; Morgan, Prue.
Accession Number: J80940.

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Electroencephalography-based endogenous brain-computer interface for online communication with a completely locked-in patient.
Author(s): Han, Chang-Hee; Kim, Yong-Wook; Kim, Do Yeon; Kim, Seung H.; Nenadic, Zoran; Im, Chang-Hwan.
Accession Number: J80488.

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Narrative medicine in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and a rehabilitation project based on international classification of functioning, disability, and health.
Author(s): Ciotti, Silvia; Bianconi, Fortunato; Saraceni, Vincenzo M.; Vulpiani, Maria C.; Rinonapoli, Giuseppe; Caraffa, Auro; Zampolini, Mauro.
Accession Number: J80227.

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EEG-based brain-computer interface access to Tobii dynavox communicator 5.
Author(s): Gosmanova, Kamilya A.; Carmack, Charles S.; Goldberg, David; Fitzpatrick, Kelly; Zoltan, Bart; Zeitlin, Debra M.; Wolpaw, Jonathan R.; Maehle, Ole A.; Borge, Anders; Vaughan, Theresa M..
Accession Number: O21769.

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Quality of life perspectives of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and their caregivers.
Author(s): Johnson, Stephanie; Alonso, Bryant; Faulkner, Katie; Roberts, Haley; Monroe, Britton; Lehman, Leigh; Kearney, Pamalyn.
Accession Number: J78837.

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Communication vulnerable in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A systematic review.
Author(s): Neto, Lavoisier, L.; Constantini, Ana C.; Chun, Regina Y. S..
Accession Number: J76615.

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Smartphone-based gaze gesture communication for people with motor disabilities.
Author(s): Zhang, Xiaoyi; Kulkarni, Harish; Morris, Meredith R..
Accession Number: O20601.

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"My world has expanded even though I'm stuck at home": Experiences of individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis who use augmentative and alternative communication and social media.
Author(s): Caron, Jessica; Light, Janice.
Accession Number: J73049.

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Dysarthria and dysphagia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with spinal onset: A study of quality of life related to swallowing.
Author(s): Franseschini, Andressa C.; Mourao, Figueiredo.
Accession Number: J72279.

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Supporting communication for patients with neurodegenerative disease.
Author(s): Fried-Oken, Melanie; Mooney, Aimee; Peters, Betts.
Accession Number: J73321.

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Assisting persons with advanced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in their leisure engagement and communication needs with a basic technology-aided program.
Author(s): Lancioni, Giulio E.; Simone, Isabella L.; De Caro, Maria F.; Singh, Nirbhay N.; O'Reilly, Mark F.; Sigafoos, Jeff; Ferlisi, Gabriele; Zullo, Valeria; Schirone, Simona; Denitto, Floriana; Zonno, Nadia.
Accession Number: J72224.

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Assistive device with conventional, alternative, and brain-computer interface inputs to enhance interaction with the environment for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A feasibility and usability study.
Author(s): Schettini, Francesca; Riccio, Angela; Simione, Luca; Liberati, Giulia; Caruso, Mario; Frasca, Vittorio; Calabrese, Barbara; Mecella, Massimo; Pizzimenti, Alessia; Inghilleri, Maurizio; Mattia, Donatella; Cincotti, Febo.
Accession Number: J70941.

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Elastic head support for persons with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Author(s): Hansen, Andrew; Bedore, Beau; Nickel, Eric; Hanowski, Kristin; Tangen, Sonya; Goldish, Gary.
Accession Number: J69119.

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Altered cortical communication in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Author(s): Blain-Moraes, Stefanie; Mashour, George A.; Lee, Heonsoo; Huggins, Jane E.; Lee, UnCheol.
Accession Number: J66657.

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Handwriting-in-interaction between people with ALS/MND and their conversation partners.
Author(s): Bloch, Steven; Clarke, Michael.
Accession Number: J66007.

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Looking to speak: On the temporality of misalignment in interaction involving an augmented communicator using eye-gaze technology.
Author(s): Engelke, Christopher R.; Higginbotham, D. Jeffery.
Accession Number: J68231.

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