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Telemedicine in stroke—pertinent to stroke care in Germany.
Author(s): et al.; A. Günther; C. Urbanek; H. Erdur; H. Worthmann; J. Barlinn; K.G. Häusler; L. Busetto; M. Görtler; S. Winzer.
Accession Number: I247906.

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Access to Recreational and Sports Facilities for People with Disabilities: A Comparison of Leisure and Sports Facilities Laws in Korea and the United States.
Author(s): Kyoung Tae Kim; Byumsuk Han; Jongchae Kim; Keunsu Han; Yongho Lee.
Accession Number: I247400.

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Coping strategies in caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s. Influence of personal and situational variables.
Author(s): Agustín Rodríguez Esteban; Leticia Pérez Álvarez.
Accession Number: I245390.

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Results of the Korean Medicine Visiting Care Service for Solitary Elderly in a Public Health Center.
Author(s): Boram Lee; Chan-Young Kwon; Jong-Woo Kim; Sun Yong Chung.
Accession Number: I248439.

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Epidemiological and Clinical Profile of Neurological Patients in aUniversity Hospital.
Author(s): Daisy Karlla Lima Candeias; Eric Alencar Lessa; Ícaro Luan Silva Martins; Katiana Nunes Barbosa Petzinge; Lílian Ramine Ramos de Souza Matos; Márcia Bento Moreira.
Accession Number: I247084.

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Recent Studies on Labor Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities.
Author(s): Gabriela Sousa de Melo MIETO; Margaret da Conceição SILVA; Valéria Marques de OLIVEIRA.
Accession Number: I247828.

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Teacher Education for Special Education - Proposals by Helena Antipoff and Her Collaborators in Fazenda do Rosário in the 1960’s.
Author(s): Maria de Fátima Pio CASSEMIRO; Regina Helena de Freitas CAMPOS.
Accession Number: I247897.

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Access of patients with neurological disorders living in the rural area to the physiotherapy service.
Author(s): Ednilda Firmino Pereira; Giglielli Modesto Rodrigues Santos; Rosângela Maria Fernandes de Oliveira; Sany Pereira de Sousa; Thaysa Lesley Rocha da Silva.
Accession Number: I247399.

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The Participation Situation and Needs of Lifelong Education Program for Adult with Disabilities -in Welfare Centers for Adults with Disabilities-.
Author(s): Lee, Mi-Hyun; Park, Sung-Ji.
Accession Number: I246487.

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Effect of Care Prevention for the Frail Elderly in Winter in a Snowy and Depopulated Area.
Author(s): Miyuki MASAI; Masahiro KITATANI; Toshiaki YAMAZAKI.
Accession Number: I245428.

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Individualization of primary school education in rural small schools in the North.
Author(s): T. A. Shergina; K. I. Ayanitova; Ya. V. Sleptsova.
Accession Number: I246008.

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A Narrative Study on the Experience of Art Therapy among Elderly Women Living Alone in Rural Areas.
Author(s): Baek Hyun-hee; Oh Hyun-sook.
Accession Number: I246721.

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Social Representations on Disability: Perspectives from Physical Education Students.
Author(s): Fabiane Frota da Rocha MORGADO; Marcela Rodrigues de CASTRO; Maria Elisa Caputo FERREIRA; Aldair José de OLIVEIRA; José Henrique dos SANTOS.
Accession Number: I244930.

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Functional capacity to perform activities of daily living among older persons living in rural areas registered in the Family Health Strategy.
Author(s): Celmira Lange; Andressa Hoffmann Pinto; Carla Albereci Pastore; Patricia Mirapalheta Pereira de Llano; Denise Przylynski Castro; Fernanda dos Santos.
Accession Number: I242908.

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Implementing a prevalence study of dementia and geriatric depression in Portugal: The 10/66 Dementia Research Group methodology.
Author(s): Manuel Gonc¸alves-Pereiraa; Ana Cardoso; Ana Verdelho; Joaquim Alves da Silva; Manuel Caldas de Almeida; Alexandra Fernandes; Cátia Raminhos; Cleusa P. Ferri; Martin Prince; Miguel Xavier.
Accession Number: I243428.

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Considerations on the implementation of inclusive education policies from the historical-cultural approach.
Author(s): Mariana Corrêa Pitanga de Oliveira.
Accession Number: I245242.

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Active Aging: Exploration into Self-Ratings of ?Being Active,? Out-of-Home Physical Activity, and Participation among Older Australian Adults Living in Four Different Settings.
Author(s): Aird R; Buys L.
Accession Number: I231083.

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Prevalence of Hypertension in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria: Rural versus Urban Communities Study.
Author(s): Akpan E; Ekrikpo U; Udo A; Bassey B.
Accession Number: I221951.

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Respiratory rehabilitation in COPD patients: Experience in a rural primary health care center.
Author(s): Alex Campos A; Francisco Arancibia H; Osvaldo Cabrera R.
Accession Number: I241668.

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Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV in Rural Area of Democratic Republic of the Congo: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Survey among Service Users.
Author(s): Kautako-Kiambi M; Ekila M; Kama-Lemba S; Wumba R; Aloni M.
Accession Number: I232138.

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