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America at a glance: Transportation use during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Author(s): Myers, Andrew.
Accession Number: O23173.

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“Sympathy” vs.“Empathy”: Comparing experiences of I2Audits and disability simulations.
Author(s): Hicks, Emily C.; Traci, Meg A.; Korb, Karin.
Accession Number: J90261.

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Transportation patterns of adults with travel-limiting disabilities in rural and urban America.
Author(s): Myers, Andrew; Ipsen, Catherine; Standley, Krys.
Accession Number: J89677.

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Evidence-based supported employment in the rural United States: Challenges and adaptations.
Author(s): Al-Abdulmunem, Monirah; Drake, Robert E.; Carpenter-Song, Elizabeth.
Accession Number: J87342.

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Research report: Social isolation and loneliness among rural and urban people with disabilities.
Author(s): Ipsen, Catherine; Gimm, Gilbert.
Accession Number: O22693.

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Exploring access to independent living services for people with disabilities through a transportation network analysis.
Author(s): Johnson, Kourtney B.; Greiman, Lillie; VonReichert, Christiane; Altom, Billy.
Accession Number: J86936.

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America at a glance: 5310 & 5311 transportation funding in rural counties.
Author(s): Myers, Andrew; Lissau, Ari.
Accession Number: O22395.

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Survey report: COVID-19-related needs of centers for independent living, CIL staff and consumers.
Author(s): Kennedy, Jae; Frieden, Lex; Dick-Mosher, Jennifer; Curtis, Brooke.
Accession Number: O22520.

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America at a glance: How do working-age adults with travel-limiting disabilities get around?.
Author(s): Myers, Andrew; Ipsen, Catherine; Smith, Lauren.
Accession Number: O22120.

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A qualitative analysis of the employment needs and barriers of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in rural areas.
Author(s): Adams, Chithra; Corbin, Amanda; O’Hara, Luke; Park, Mirang; Sheppard-Jones, Kathleen; Butler, Laura; Umeasiegbu, Veronica; McDaniels, Bradley; Bishop, Malachy L..
Accession Number: J88084.

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Vocational rehabilitation (VR) funding of job development and placement services: Implications for rural reach.
Author(s): Ipsen, Catherine; Goe, Rebecca; Bliss, Stacey.
Accession Number: J82355.

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Rural and urban vocational rehabilitation self-employment outcomes.
Author(s): Ipsen, Catherine; Swicegood, Grant.
Accession Number: J75341.

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Community engagement in health care: An approach to improve health care access for people with disabilities.
Author(s): Sabat, Dianne; Richardson, Michael; Matrone, Kathe F.; Umbarger, Darrin; Weaver, Angela.
Accession Number: J79610.

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Transportation self-efficacy and social problem solving of persons who are blind or visually impaired.
Author(s): Crudden, Adele; O'Mally, Jamie; Antonelli, Karla.
Accession Number: J73960.

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Rural and urban supported employment programs in the veterans health administration: Comparison of barriers and facilitators to vocational achievement for veterans experiencing mental illnesses.
Author(s): Kukla, Marina; McGuire, Alan B.; Salyers, Michelle P..
Accession Number: J74178.

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Rural matters: The geography of disability in rural America.
Author(s): Myers, A.; Greiman, L.; von Reichert, C.; Seekins, T..
Accession Number: O20629.

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Video-enhanced telemedicine improves the care of acutely injured burn patients in a rural state.
Author(s): Wibbenmeyer, Lucy; Kluesner, Karen; Wu, Hongqian; Eid, Anas; Heard, Jason; Mann, Benjamin; Pauley, Alison; Peek-Asa, Corrine.
Accession Number: J74978.

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Implementing project SEARCH in rural counties: A case study approach.
Author(s): Wittig, Katherine M.; Holland, Lisa D.; Dalton, Adrienne G..
Accession Number: J68682.

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Rural policy guidelines: What is unavailable, insufficient, or inappropriate transportation?.
Accession Number: O19237.

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The relationship between transportation, density, and the employment of individuals with disabilities.
Author(s): Christensen, Keith M..
Accession Number: O19783.

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