Evaluating Your Agency and Its Services: A Checklist for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Kiernan, W. E., PhD
Butterworth, J, PhD
Project title: 
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on State Systems and Employment
Project Number: 
Tool type: 
Tool class: 
Nonengineering tool
Disability targeted: 
All disabilities
Study target: 
Checklist for job seekers is for people with disabilities using the employment service agency.
Study purpose or goal: 
To identify aspects of agency culture that aid in the job search process.
Who administers this tool?: 
Checklist for job seekers is for people with disabilities using the employment service agency
Ease of use: 
Very easy
Time to complete: 
30 Minutes
Skills needed: 
Equipment required: 
Sensitive issues: 
Are any approvals required?: 
How is it administered?: 
For the consumer, each item is read and checked with yes, no, or not applicable. No special equipment or skills are necessary. The list is available in alternative formats. It would be easy to apply it to other consumer groups with little or no modification.
What is the scope or what areas does it cover?: 
The checklist items are organized around five main themes participants need for a positive, successful experience: consumer directedness, coordinated services, positive agency culture, access to services, and quality personnel.
Development background: 
Development of this checklist included extensive literature review regarding the themes that are present for people to have positive experiences with service agencies. Researchers also examined legislative and policy changes and their effects on job search.
Development methodology: 
Consumers were interviewed and asked to describe their experiences using a state agency to find employment. Checklist items were drawn from interview responses.
Outside consultation: 
Drafts of the checklist were shared with researchers in the field who provided comments and questions.
Consumer input: 
Can this development process be used elsewhere?: 
This method of development should fit easily in other research areas.
Can this tool be used for other purposes/populations?: 
The checklists could be applied to any job seeker using a state agency to find employment.
Sample type: 
No specific sample type
Data analysis: 
Is complete
The original sample could have been larger but was suitable for the project.
Researchers found that if all five themes are present, consumers have a positive, successful experience. Users might argue as to the priority of the themes or suggest others. However, for the consumers involved in this research, agencies need to have these five components to service delivery to ensure a positive consumer experience. People should have high expectations.
The consumer checklist was made for job seekers to evaluate their previous or current experiences using a service system to find employment. The purpose was to raise awareness about what should be expected and provide ideas about how to meet their needs if these five components are not apparent. The agency checklist will assist frontline staff who are taking suggestions from consumers, people who deal directly with people with disabilities.
Research methods: 
Data analysis has been completed using a standard qualitative approach.
Impact of these findings on the field: 
It will encourage service personnel to listen to the individual perspective of the consumer and facilitate their jobseeking experience.
Peer review status: 
This tool has been subject to peer review.
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Tool contact: 
John Butterworth, PhD
John Butterworth, PhD