News and Notes 1 January 25

Introductory issue; KT4TT at ATIA; recruiting for parenting education and social support for mothers with psychiatric disabilities; Accele-glove and the Consumer Electronics Show; weight management curriculum; conversations on spinal cord injury; ADA and facilities management webinar; recognizing Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Sent January 25 2012.

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Welcome to the NARIC News and Announcements List! This new weekly email is designed to highlight the work of NIDRR researchers as well as news and events from around the disability and rehabilitation community.

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KT4TT to present this week at ATIA.

Are you attending ATIA? The NIDRR-funded Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer (H133A080050) will present 2 papers at this year's Assistive Technology Industry Association conference Jan 26-28. Dr. Vathsala Stone is presenting “Translating knowledge from technology-based research:  A Randomized Controlled Trial” (AAC-07) on Thursday 9:20 – 10:20am. James Leahy is presenting “Contextualized KT packages for technology transfer and product development” (RPD-20) on Saturday 8 – 9am. Complete program information is online (PDF).

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NIDRR Grantee at the Consumer Electronics Show

The Institute for Disabilities Research and Training (IDRT) was a hit at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with their Accele-glove, developed through a NIDRR Small Business Innovative Research grant (H133S070065). The sensor-enabled glove links to a translation engine that interprets American Sign Language (ASL) into English. Tech blog Engadget has a great article with video showing the glove in action!

New Resource on Weight Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago

The UIC NIDRR-funded Center on Psychiatric Disability and Co-Occurring Medical Conditions (H133B100028) has a new weight management curriculum for people with psychiatric disabilities. The curriculum is based on the successful RENEW (Recovering Energy through Nutrition and Exercise for Weight Loss) Program. Leader and participant manuals are available free to download.

More Conversations on Spinal Cord Injury from the University of Washington

UW's NIDRR-funded Northwest Regional Spinal Cord Injury System (H133N110009) continues its excellent series of forum videos with "Conversations from the Bedroom", a discussion of intimacy after spinal cord injury. This and 30 other videos are available for free.


Grantee event: 

Webinar: ADA and Facilities Mgmt

The NIDRR-funded Mid-Atlantic ADA Regional Center (H133A110017) is offering a 3-part webinar starting January 31 on ADA updates for facilities. Find out what's been added, removed, revised, and reorganized. Learn what's new from parking to plumbing! The webinar is just $50 for the full series. Registration and session information are online.


Temple University's NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Participation and Community Living of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities (H133B100037) is studying an Internet-based program of parenting education and social support for mothers with psychiatric disabilities. They are currently recruiting participants for the study who will be compensated up to $100 for their participation in this study. For more information about this project email:  or

Elsewhere in the Community: 

Recognizing Down Syndrome

The UN General Assembly has set aside March 21st as World Down Syndrome Day. Member nations will be asked to promote awareness of the chromosomal disorder with events and education campaigns. Members of the Down syndrome community plan to gather at UN headquarders for a conference to discuss a range of issues including independent living, research, employment, technology, and more. The date, 3/21, was chosen because people with Down syndrome have three copies of the 21st chromosome.


For more information on World Down Syndrome Day visit Down Syndrome International.