News and Notes 36 October 3

This issue includes Modeling Technology Innovation released by KT4TT, Campaign for Disability Employment, NIDRR Grantee contributes to report focused on rights of parents with disabilities, Mary E. Sesto and her team initiates project on Improving Work Ability Among Breast Cancer Survivors, RRTC presents sessions at ACRM, and a webcast on Grant Opportunities for Minority Researchers.

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Employment is a HUGE topic. A quick search of REHABDATA found more than 5,000 abstracts indexed with Employment as a keyword (here are just the first 1,000 to get you started). How do you focus your search to find the appropriate article, book, or report to fit your research? We recommend combining terms related to your topic. Focus on a disability type (autism and employment), outcome (competitive employment), or aspect of employment (job search). Once you find the right abstracts, document delivery is just a call or click away. As always, our information specialists are available by phone or online to help you search our databases or explore the wealth of resources available online

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Modeling Technology Innovation
The NIDRR-funded Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer (H133A080050) released Modeling Technology Innovation: Combining Science, Engineering, and Industry Methods to Achieve Beneficial Socioeconomic Impacts Systematically and Deliberately by Vathsala I. Stone and Joseph P. Lane. This Focus Technical Brief No. 35 presents a conceptual framework that integrates scientific research, engineering development, and industry production into a logic model format. This and previous issues of Focus Technical Brief are available through the NCDDR website.

News items: 

NIDRR Grantee Contributes to New Report Focused on Rights of Parents with Disabilities
The NIDRR-funded National Center for Parents with Disabilities and Their Families (H133A080034) announced the release of “Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children.” This groundbreaking policy study from the National Council on Disabilities (NCD), developed with substantial contribution by the National Center for Parents with Disabilities and Their Families, advances understanding and promotes the fundamental rights of Americans with all kinds of disabilities to begin and maintain families. The report is available to download free of charge from NCD.

NIDRR Research in the News
Mary E. Sesto, PhD, and her team from the NIDRR-funded field-initiated project Improving Work Ability Among Breast Cancer Survivors (H133G110003)  discussed the team's research in Recovery at Work in the October issue of Madison Magazine. The article highlights the project's WISE web tool which is designed to help breast cancer survivors create personalized strategies to resolve problems of symptom management and workplace ergonomics and accommodation.

Grantee event: 

Outcomes Research in the Spotlight at ACRM
Researchers from the NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Improving Measurement of Medical Rehabilitation Outcomes (H133B090024) will present seven sessions at the conference of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM), October 9th -13th in Vancouver. Presentations will include knowledge gleaned from the current project as well as the 2004-2010 RRTC on Measuring Rehabilitation Outcomes and Effectiveness. The full program for the conference (PDF), including abstracts of all presentations and symposia, is available from the conference.

WEBCAST: Grant Opportunities for Minority Researchers TODAY
TODAY at 2pm EST, the NIDRR-funded Project Empowerment: Building Research Infrastructure Capacity (H133A080060) presents Theresa Cruz, PhD, of the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research discussing “Grant Opportunities for Minority Researchers from the National Institutes of Health.” This seminar was originally presented at the Race, Ethnicity, and Disability: State of the Science Conference in March. Registration is open for the live stream, which will be immediately archived for future viewing. Contact project staff for further information.

Elsewhere in the Community: 

Campaign for Disability Employment
The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort between several disability and business organizations that are working to raise awareness and change attitudes about disability and employment. The "What Can You Do?" Initiative features tools and tangible ideas to raise awareness of disability employment issues. The site features this year's winners for the "What Can You Do?" video contest, three videos that challenge negative perceptions about disability employment and increase knowledge and understanding of the skills and talents of people with disabilities. Campaign materials are also available in Spanish.