News and Notes 78 August 8

Eye exams for children with developmental disabilities a focus during Children's Eye Health and Safety Month; DVDs on Parenting Techniques and Adaptations for Parents with Disabilities; participants sought for survey of bowel and bladder management in SCI; Life Labs, a United Cerebral Palsy initiative working to bring new AT to people with disabilities; position of Rehabilitation Program Specialist available at NIDRR; grantee article named most cited paper of 2012 by the journal Spinal Cord; TIDE National Update shows increased labor force participation for people with disabilities; upcoming State of the Science Conference on Innovative Research on Employer Practices.

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NARIC news: 

August is here and, believe it or not, back-to-school ads have started running. Families of children with disabilities may be preparing for the new school year by reviewing education plans, purchasing school supplies, and making arrangements for accommodations and assistive technology. One item may not be on the list: A comprehensive eye exam. Many children with neuromuscular and developmental disabilities may also experience vision problems, as discussed in An Eye on Vision Screening for Children with Developmental Disabilities. August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month, sponsored by Prevent Blindness America (PBA). Visit PBA to find vision services in your area and check out their focus paper to learn more about children's eye health in culturally diverse populations, including children with disabilities. Additional research on visual impairments co-occurring with developmental disabilities is available in our REHABDATA database. 

Resource Highlight: 

Parenting Techniques and Adaptations for Parents with Disabilities
The NIDRR-funded National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families (H133A110009) debuted three new DVDs on Parenting Techniques and Adaptations for Parents with Disabilities. These 45-minute programs show adaptations, equipment, and strategies for parents with particular functional limitations such as repetitive stress, pain, and fatigue; upper limb amputation or loss of function; and significant physical disabilities. The DVDs may be ordered directly from Through the Looking Glass

NIDILRR News and Events: 

Job Opportunity at NIDRR: Rehabilitation Program Specialist
A position is currently available at NIDRR for a Rehabilitation Program Specialist, GS-101-14. The position is open to all applicants and applications must be submitted by or before August 15th. Further information and application packages are available from USAJOBS, with separate applications for federal employees/status candidates and non-status candidates

News items: 

DeVivo Article Named Most Cited Paper of 2012
Epidemiology of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Trends and Future Implications (abstract), authored by Michael J. DeVivo, DrPH, director emeritus of the NIDRR-funded National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) (H133A110002), was recently named the most-cited article of 2012 by the journal Spinal Cord. The paper, published in the May issue, is based primarily on data from the NIDRR-funded SCI Model System Database and was prepared for the State of the Science in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: Informing a New Research Agenda conference held in June 2011. 

August TIDE Report Shows Increased Labor Force Participation for People with Disabilities
The NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics (H133B120006) released its August Trends in Disability Employment (TIDE) National Update last week. The update highlights Bureau of Labor Statistics "first Friday" data showing that, when compared with last year's data, a smaller percentage of people with disabilities is working, but a higher percentage is engaged in the labor force. Current and previous TIDE updates are archived on the project's website

Grantee event: 

Save the Date: State of the Science on Innovative Research on Employer Practices
The NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employer Practices Related to Employment Outcomes Among Individuals with Disabilities (EPRRTC) (H133B100017) will hold a State of the Science Conference on Innovative Research on Employer Practices: Improving Employment for People with Disabilities, October 22nd and 23rd in Washington, DC. This event will highlight the research findings from the EPRRTC at Cornell University ILR School’s Employment and Disability Institute. Join the Employer Practices RRTC Listserv to be alerted when registration opens


Survey of Bowel and Bladder Management in SCI
The NIDRR-funded University of Michigan Spinal Cord Injury Model System Center (U-M SCIMS) (H133N110002) is recruiting participants for a survey study on bowel and bladder management and complications and their effect on quality of life among people with traumatic SCI. Eligible candidates must be 18 or older and must have had a traumatic SCI for at least 5 years with associated changes in bowel and/or bladder function. For additional eligibility requirements and compensation information, email or call 734/763-0971. 

Elsewhere in the Community: 

Life Labs is a technology and grassroots-focused initiative of United Cerebral Palsy dedicated to identifying, developing, and supporting ideas that will make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Life Labs works with organizations, innovators, and people with disabilities to bring new assistive technology (AT) and technology-related events and materials to the marketplace. Current projects include an Enabled by Design-athon, building an accessible gaming station, an AT buyers guide, and a Google Glass app for wheelchair users.