Participation Survey of Mobility Limited People

Gray, David , PhD
Project title: 
University of Pittsburgh Model Center on Spinal Cord Injury
Project Number: 
Tool type: 
Tool class: 
Nonengineering tool
Disability targeted: 
Spinal cord injury
Study target: 
People with mobility disabilities
Study purpose or goal: 
To examine the effect on people with SCI and their participation in major life activities after getting a new chair or seating system
Who administers this tool?: 
Ease of use: 
Are any approvals required?: 
Development background: 
It was created for the project entitled Application Of A Participation And Environment Measurement System To Assess The Influence Of Assistive Technology On The Lives Of People With Spinal Cord Injury.
Development methodology: 
Development of this instrument included literature and database review of similar instruments. Several instruments were utilized including Health Promoting Lifestyle 2 (the whole instrument), the Self Rated Behavior Scale, the Secondary Conditions Scale from the University of Montana which was changed to 3 months from 1 yr and with wording changes to fit specific needs. Specific questions were also taken from the Health Risk Appraisal from University of Michigan
Outside consultation: 
Consultations were made with the original developers.
Consumer input: 
The survey was reviewed by people with SCI, through local independent living centers and councils, to gauge reaction and completion time
Can this development process be used elsewhere?: 
The survey is designed in such a way that prospective researchers should consult with the original designer before accessing or modifying the survey
Data analysis: 
Is in process
Preliminary findings are that assistive technologies may be key environmental factors for returning and retaining people with disabilities in the workforce and for improving the determination process for work disability benefits
Analysis of the data was still in process at the time of the interview
Research methods: 
The survey collects information on basic demographics, limiting conditions, financial resources, employment status, assistive device use, and barriers to employment
Peer review status: 
In press
Who uses the collected data?: 
Other researchers, ILCs, advocacy groups, manufacturers of devices, academicians, policy makers.
Tool contact: 
Karen Greenwald