Service Providers Survey

Grobe, Katherine PhD
Project title: 
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Full Participation in Independent Living
Project Number: 
Tool type: 
Tool class: 
Nonengineering tool
Disability targeted: 
All disabilities
Study target: 
Healthcare service providers
Study purpose or goal: 
To assess belief and practices in health promotion for people with disabilities
Who administers this tool?: 
The survey was mailed to clinics in the Kansas City area, targeting clinics minority and low-income areas
Ease of use: 
Very easy
Time to complete: 
10 - 15 minutes
Skills needed: 
Equipment required: 
Sensitive issues: 
No indentifying information was collected
Are any approvals required?: 
How is it administered?: 
The survey is mailed to clinics to be distributed and then returned
What is the scope or what areas does it cover?: 
The survey inquires whether the provider has people with disabilities as clients, their comfort level in providing care to these clients, and beliefs and practices in providing health promotion, disease prevention, healthcare, and any barriers to those services. No indentifying information was collected
Development background: 
The Service Provider Survey was developed in part based on literature in the field and to fit the research question. Items were selected from exisitng surveys on healthcare provider beliefs and practices toward cancer screening, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. A panel of researchers responded to specific items.
Outside consultation: 
A panel of researchers responded to specific items.
Can this development process be used elsewhere?: 
is specific to healthcare professionals but could be used for research in other user populations (ie minorities).
Sample type: 
clinics in the Kansas City area
Data analysis: 
Is in process
The survey is self-reporting, therefore the responses are from the providers point of view.
Data analyses was in process at the time of the interview. The project uses descriptive statistics.
Data collected and analyzed will provide a better understanding of providers perspective of providing services to people with disabilities
Peer review status: 
Who uses the collected data?: 
Health care researchers will be the most likely users of the data collected.
785/864-4095 (V), 785/864-0706 (TTY).