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Stakeholder Forum Participant Survey of Sessions

Bauer, Steve and Stone, Vathsala
Project title: 
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Transfer
Project Number: 
Tool type: 
Tool class: 
Nonengineering tool
Disability targeted: 
No specific disability
Study target: 
Participants in moderated forums on technology transfer
Study purpose or goal: 
To gauge the effectiveness of forum materials, processes, and moderators with the purpose of ensuring maximum participation among all stakeholders
Who administers this tool?: 
Ease of use: 
Very easy
Time to complete: 
Less than 10 minute without alternative (accessible) format requirements. Less than 30 minutes with alternative (accessible) formats
Equipment required: 
Are any approvals required?: 
No approvals are required
How is it administered?: 
Data analysis was done immediately following each forum. Data analysis was aggregated by stakeholder group. This showed differences in judgement between groups which might have been missed otherwise
Development background: 
The survey itself did not require literature or database searchers. A simple form was chosen to maximize the amount and quality of the data.
Development methodology: 
Surveys were improved with each implementation
Outside consultation: 
Consultations were made, one on one, with sample members of the target audience
Sample type: 
Purposive sample of experts selected to maximize the specialized information sought.
The form was kept simple and short. There are no known limitations
It would not be difficult to apply to other moderated group situations. This project has a modified version of the survey for online moderated groups. However, the development of this survey was targeted to the community of people with disabilities, experts in technology and product development, marketing and commercialization, and service providers.
Impact of these findings on the field: 
The data gathered will be used to improve sessions on one hand and develop best practices on the other. It will be useful to industry and participants in the technology transfer process
Peer review status: 
Proceedings of three of the four stakeholder forums can be found on the T2RERC website. They were disseminated to the participant stakeholders and to other experts that responded to the high priority problems with technological solutions
Who uses the collected data?: 
Forum organizers
Tool contact: 
James Leahy
716/829-3141 (V), 800/628-2281 (TTY)