Survey of IT Companies

Klein, David; Schmelling, James; Sharpes, Helen; Blancks, Peter
Project title: 
I.T. Works
Project Number: 
Tool type: 
Tool class: 
Nonengineering tool
Disability targeted: 
No specific disability
Study target: 
Researchers could borrow questions from it but not the entire instrument. It would take significant modification to apply it to other fields besides IT.
Study purpose or goal: 
To evaluate the facilitators and barriers to employment and the experiences of HR personnel in hiring people with disabilities for IT positions
Who administers this tool?: 
HR personnel
Ease of use: 
Time to complete: 
~30 minutes, depending upon the user's access to company information
Equipment required: 
Development background: 
The IT Companies survey was developed by the IT Works project to gauge the experiences of those companies that are heavy users and/or developers of information technology in hiring people with disabilities. The researchers used standard survey development procedures. Development of the survey included an extensive literature review, the bibliography of which was published in Behavioral Science and the Law.
Development methodology: 
An internal review of existing research was also completed. Drafts of the survey were sent to the IT Works Advisory Board, to other researchers, and to people with disabilities. Twelve or more drafts were developed. Questions were selected to fit with other surveys in the field and to fit with the research design.
Researchers were not able to gather a large sample through the online form
A print version was later mailed.
Other employers may utilize the data to find out what types of experiences IT employers have had in hiring people with disabilities. Potential employees can explore the field and develop their profiles.
Impact of these findings on the field: 
It is hoped that the resulting data will raise awareness with employers and employees and increase employment in the IT field for people with disabilities
Peer review status: 
Tool contact: 
Michael Morris, JD; James Schmeling, JD
319/335-9043 (Blanck), 202/521-2930 (Morris), 319/335-8459 (Schmeling) .