What is a rehabilitation center?

Rehabilitation, in this case, refers to physical medicine and rehabilitation. It does not refer to substance abuse or criminal rehabilitation.

Physical medicine and rehabilitation includes various therapies to help a person restore function after illness or injury. These therapies can include

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

A rehabilitation center will offer one or more of these therapies on premises. A rehabilitation center may be outpatient only. Some hospitals offer in-patient rehabilitation.

To find a rehabilitation center in your area, visit www.qualitycheck.org. Search by hospital name, Zip code, or city and state. You'll find Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation listed under General Medicine in the Type of Service menu.

For a ranked list of rehabilitation hospitals, visit US News and World Report ranking of Best Hospitals for Rehabilitation.

We recommend the free Consumers Guide to Choosing a High Quality Medical Rehabilitation Program (PDF). This 40-page guide includes checklists, questions to ask an admissions counselor, insurance issues, and a great glossary of terms. Please feel free to share it with any client, friend, or family member who may find it valuable.