COVID-19 Special Collection

Many members of the NIDILRR grantee community have responded to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) by publishing, presenting, or curating resources to support the continued independence and participation of people with disabilities and their families, and the professionals who work with them. We are actively collecting these resources as they are published. This list is growing, so check back regularly. The newest items are featured first, followed by the full collection in a sortable table. Are you a NIDILRR grantee who has published a COVID resource? Submit it for the collection!

Recently Added (last 2 weeks)

Explore the full collection in the table below. Titles link to the original resource (external to NARIC). This table is sortable by title, disability area, life area, and product type. Click on the column header to activate the sort ascending alphabetically. Click again to resort descending alphabetically.

Titlesort descending Description Disability area Keywords Life area Product type

A Closer Look: COVID-19 Accessible Materials for People with Disabilities Project

This archived webinar highlighted a COVID-19 Accessible Materials Project, creating accessible... full abstract

Cross disability accessibility, information resources, plain language General Webcast/podcast

A cross-sectional analysis of trust of information and COVID-19 preventative practices among people with disabilities

In this article, the authors surveyed people with disabilities in rural and nonrural communities... full abstract

Cross disability rural communities, trust, information, public health, surveys Health care Journal article

A Double Jeopardy: COVID-19 impacts on the travel behavior and community living of people with disabilities

This journal article describes a study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on travel behavior and... full abstract

Cross disability community living, travel, independent living Community participation Journal article

Access limitations and level of psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic in a geographically-limited sample of individuals with spinal cord injury

This journal article describes a study to assess changes in access and psychological status... full abstract

Mobility spinal cord injury, Service delivery, access to services Community participation Journal article

Access to COVID-19 Vaccines: Issues and Barriers for Persons with Disabilities

In this archived webinar, speakers addressed policies regarding the determination of who is... full abstract

Cross disability vaccines, eligibility, health care, health disparities Health care Webcast/podcast

Accessibility Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting Experience

Guidelines and tips are focused on the needs of deaf and hard of hearing participants in virtual... full abstract

Sensory communication, telework, videoconferencing, workplace accommodations, meetings, deaf, hard of hearing Work Guide/guidelines

Accessible COVID-19 Pandemic Data

The team created an accessible pandemic bulletin, A11y COVID-19, to display data on infection... full abstract

Sensory Data, tracking, accessible information General Tracker/database

Accommodation Problems and Solutions Associated with Telework

This document outlines potential accommodation problems resulting from telework, and when... full abstract

Cross disability employment, telework, remote work, workplace accommodations Work Factsheet/FAQ

Accommodation Problems and Solutions for Reopening with COVID-19

This document outlines potential accommodation problems resulting from reopening safety... full abstract

Cross disability employment, return to work, workplace accommodations, telework Work Factsheet/FAQ

Accommodations & Return to Work Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar

This archived webinar provides strategies to support the physical and mental health of a company... full abstract

Cross disability employment, return to work, telework, workplace accommodations Work Webcast/podcast