COVID-19 Special Collection

A cross-sectional analysis of trust of information and COVID-19 preventative practices among people with disabilities

In this article, the authors surveyed people with disabilities in rural and nonrural communities, finding variance across communities and disability types in levels of trust of information about COVID-19 and in adherence to community health guidelines. The findings highlight the importance of collaborating with trusted partners in the disability community to promote effective messaging. According to the authors, trust in information sources is associated with action, so it is important to provide clear, consistent, and non-polarizing messages during public health emergencies to promote widespread community action.

Keywords (including specific disabilities and audiences): rural communities, trust, information, public health, surveys
Disability area: Cross disability
Life area: Health care
Product type: Journal article
Published: 2021-01-18
Produced by: Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Place-Based Solutions for Rural Community Participation, Employment, and Health (90RTCP0002 Learn more about this project.)