COVID-19 Special Collection

Telework during the Pandemic: Patterns, Challenges, and Opportunities for People with Disabilities

This journal article used data from the American Community Survey to compare people with and without disabilities in the expansion of telework as the pandemic began, and the evolution of telework during the pandemic. The authors concluded that many people with disabilities benefit from working at home, and the pandemic has increased employer acceptance of telework, but the current occupational distribution limits this potential. Tighter labor markets during the recovery offer hope that employers will increasingly hire people with disabilities in both telework and non-telework jobs.

Keywords (including specific disabilities and audiences): employment, telework
Disability area: Cross disability
Life area: Work
Product type: Journal article
Published: 2022-11-26
Produced by: Disability Inclusive Employment Policy Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (90RTEM0006 Learn more about this project.)