COVID-19 Special Collection

Research Brief: Excess Deaths of Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Recipients During COVID-19

This plain-language brief summarizes a study of the very high number of deaths from COVID-19 among people receiving long-term services and supports (LTSS) who lived in nursing homes. The brief defines excess mortality and describes the studies findings, including graphics comparing mortality rates for both younger and older LTSS receipients, compared to the general population. The brief also explains why these rates may be higher, including individual factors and barriers to services and supports. The original study was published in the journal Health Affairs.

Keywords (including specific disabilities and audiences): Long Term Services and Supports, mortality, nursing homes
Disability area: Cross disability
Life area: Health care
Product type: Report/Research brief
Published: 2023-01-15
Produced by: Community Living Policy Center (90RTCP0004 Learn more about this project.)